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Power Tools - Wireless Charging Solutions

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Power Tools - Wireless Charging Solutions

Analysis of current power tool charging pain points.


       Current situation: At present, most power tools need to be charged by pulling out the internal battery pack and then inserting the battery pack into the charger so that the contact piece of the charger is connected to the contact piece of the battery for charging, but the following pain points exist.


       Pain point 1: Charging in this way will cause oxidation or deformation of the contact piece over time, resulting in poor contact between the two and can no longer be charged properly.

       Pain point 2: users in the charging process unless the tool is replaced with another battery, it can not continue to work, the user needs to carry multiple batteries in the daily work, and even need to find ways to remember which batteries are charged and which need to be charged. A variety of inconvenience, resulting in a waste of time, seriously affecting the efficiency of the operation.


       Solution - Adopt wireless charging technology.

 Advantages of wireless charging technology applied to power tools.



       1、After realizing wireless charging, the power tools can be charged immediately, which is convenient and fast


       2、Waterproof and dustproof, no need to worry about the charging port into the dust affect the product life


       3, no contact charging, no need to worry about sparks and metal contact wear, longer service life

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