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Good quality Lithium battery charger is convenient and faster

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Good quality Lithium battery charger is convenient and faster

The use of lithium batteries so that our lives have changed because the use of lithium batteries not only allows people to save time but is convenient to carry. Now living in high-rise buildings, although you can take the elevator, whether it is to take the electric car charger or other chargers are required, so lithium battery chargers are of great concern.

  For the use of the charger, its maintenance is indispensable.

  1, cleaning when discharging static electricity. The charging interface and charger should be cleaned regularly; when cleaning, use a wet cloth or a piece of anti-static material. Do not use a dry cloth (electrostatic charge)!

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  2, prevent cold and heat. Prohibit the charger's long-term placement in high temperature or direct sunlight, high temperature to shorten the life of the lithium battery, thereby accelerating the charging aging. Not only can it not be stored in a high-temperature place, but it also can not be stored too cold. If the charger is in a too challenging environment, the internal temperature will rise, and the chargerwill form moisture, destroying the circuit board.

  3, waterproof and moisture-proof. As electronic products, accidentally into the water or for long periods when exposed to humid air, will cause varying degrees of corrosion or oxidation of its internal electronic components.

  4, fall and shockproof. A cell phone charger is a fragile part. The internal components can not withstand a fall. Especially to prevent accidental landing in the process of use. Do not throw put, knock or shake the charger. Rough treatment of the charger will destroy the internal circuit board.

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  5, anti-strength chemicals. Do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents, or detergents to clean the charger. Remove the charger appearance stains can be cotton with a small amount of anhydrous alcohol scrubbing.

  A li-ion battery charger is convenient and fast but needs to pay attention to the fire, moisture, and shock resistance in use.

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