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Lithium Battery Smart Charger

Lithium Battery Smart Charger

• Excellent electrical properties

Adopts PFC+LLC soft switching technology,high input power factor, low current harmonics, small voltage and current ripple, high conversion efficiency and mo -dule power with high density.

• Wide input voltage range

Input voltage is AC90V~265V, which can provide battery with stable and reliable temperature control function during charging under the unstable power supply environment of the battery.

• Fast and safe and smart charging

With lithium battery BMS CAN communication, to realize intelligent management of battery charging and fast charging and long lithium battery life through BMS to ensure lithium battery with fast stable and safe.

• User-friendly and convenient UI interface

The ergonomic appearance design is equipped with a user-friendly and convenient UI interface. The charging information status display, charging operation and seffing func -tions are realized through the LCD touch screen + LED + button man-machine interface.

• Complete protection and sel&diagnosis functions

The product has the functions of overcharge protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overtemperature protecdon,overtemperatu re protection for connectoi, input phase loss, input high and low voltage protection, leakage protection abnormal protection, etc., and realizes self-diagnosis and faults Display.

• Modular design

Adopts design of hot-swappable modular installation,simplifies the maintenance and replacement of product components, reduces the technical requirements for users, reduces average maintenance time

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