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electric vehicle chargers

Electric cars are more common in our lives and are used more often. And for the use of electric car chargers. We naturally have to pay attention to its characteristics. This will allow it to be used for longer life. Electric car charger to meet your charging needs.

The quality of the charger is extremely closely related to whether the electric bike's range can be maintained at its best, whether it will damage the battery and reduce battery life, and whether users can get economic and affordable.

  The socialization of electric vehicle charging is an inevitable trend.

  According to the development of electric vehicles, in the future, battery charging will be carried out more and more often at roadside charging stations, which will have to charge a variety of batteries at the same time, and these batteries, with a wide range of categories and different states, will complicate the charging work. For this reason, charging stations must manage batteries systematically. The key to management in prediction and charging, charger performance must be perfect. The charging station receives the discharged battery and then customizes the charging plan for each stage of fast, regular, and trickle charging. The process of charging should have a variety of displays and indications, such as voltage, current, time, the amount of power that has been charged, what stage of charging has been carried out, etc...

  Each battery manufacturer should make sufficient tests on their own batteries to determine and master the characteristics of the charging process. Mainly, each turning point: when is the most suitable for fast charging, when to start polarization, the time of heat generation, the linear relationship between current size on polarization and heat generation, the discharge and charging termination voltage of a single cell, the amplitude and duty cycle of the pulse, the intensity of the counter-pulse and the trickle moment and duration, the determination and transmission of the internal temperature of the battery, etc.

  Based on these characteristics and data, calculate and design the charging circuit so that the circuit is most suitable for your product and becomes a special matching charger. If the charging circuit is not determined by measurement and test but from the arbitrary market purchase, it is not possible to fully fit the product characteristics. More or less there are some disadvantages. It is best not to do so.

  For the battery, the charger is like a responsible warehouse management assemblage, which can be cluttered goods - electrical energy, after careful organization, into the warehouse - the battery of each cell. The chargers evenly and consistently yard the goods, each cell is not more or less impartial, equal opportunity, always maintain a balanced state, until it is filled, can not be squeezed out of the library of the grid, but also can not cause collapse damage to the warehouse because of the yard is not neat, but also should be able to make full use of the storage capacity.

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