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EV charger basic knowledge

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EV charger basic knowledge

Ordinary consumers of new energy vehicles are mainly concerned about two experiences: the driving experience, including power, comfort, entertainment, etc.; the other is the charging experience.

What is the concept of the charging experience? Combined with the specifications of OBC, 11kW of OBC means that it takes 8h to fill an 88kWh battery (with a range of 650km-750km), which is undoubtedly a long time when compared with the time it takes to fill a cell phone or a fuel car.

However, it should be noted that the 11kWh OBC is at a high power level, which is perfectly fine for daily needs.

Therefore, the development direction of OBC is to improve the charging rate continuously.

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Talking about OBC, what is OBC? OBC is the abbreviation of On-Board Charger, the primary function: the grid voltage is connected to the on-board charger through the ground AC charging pile and AC charging port to charge the electric battery.

Nowadays, OBCs are generally isolated OBCs by default, meaning an electrical isolation layer with a voltage resistance of 2500V-3750V needs to be set between the grid side and the vehicle side to improve electrical safety.

Electrical isolation: It is a way to avoid the direct flow of current from one area to another in a circuit. No direct path of current flow is established between the two regions. Although the wind can not flow directly, the energy or information can still be transmitted by other means, such as electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic waves, optical, acoustic, or mechanical.

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Electrical isolation: The role of electrical isolation is to reduce the mutual interference between two different circuits. For example, an actual course works in a poor environment and is prone to grounding and other faults. Suppose electrical isolation is not used, directly connected to the power supply. In that case, once the circuit grounding phenomenon occurs, the entire power grid may be affected by it and can not work correctly. After adopting electrical isolation, the circuit grounding will not affect the work of the whole power grid but also the insulation monitoring device to detect the insulation condition of the circuit to the ground. Once the course is grounding, you can promptly issue an alarm to remind the management of timely maintenance or treatment to avoid the phenomenon of protection device tripping power outage.

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