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Construction progress of charging piles in public places in the UK.

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Construction progress of charging piles in public places in the UK.

The UK government is continuing to introduce new legislation that will help to deal with possible EV charging infrastructure problems.

The announcement was made in the year 2019, idea was first announced in 2019, and is set to be implemented in the latter part of 2021, before entering into the law in 2022. The law will require all new offices and homes in England to have intelligent automobile chargers that are mounted in hotel rooms. In new office buildings, the intelligent electric vehicle charging pile is required to be set up for every five spaces for parking.

The UK is set to be the first nation in the world that has a law that requires that electric vehicle chargers with smart technology should be included in every new home. The government hopes that the law will provide a boost to EV chargers across the nation due to plans to eliminate conventional diesel and petrol-powered vehicles before 2030. The law will increase the number of installations by 500-700 monthly charging stations across different locations as per forecasts by the Department of Transportation.

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What residential properties will affect the new laws?

Every new home must include EV charging points. Older models will not be under any obligation to do this.

What will be the impact on non-residential structures? affected?

The new office must be equipped with charging points for each five parking spaces.

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Which chargers are in compliance with the new law?

These new buildings will come with smart EV charging stations installed. It is expected that the installation of smart chargers will allow for overnight charging or scheduled charging when there isn't any grid-connected demand. Smart chargers for electric vehicles typically have options like solar charging, charge scheduling, and cable locks, which will assist in supporting grid support.

Where does this law come into the picture?

The new law is only applicable to England and Scotland, while separate legislation is to be enacted to cover Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

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