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What are the considerations for electric forklift charging?

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What are the considerations for electric forklift charging?

1. Before starting the forklift or charging, the forklift driver should first pay attention to the battery power displayed on the forklift display board, and the battery should preferably be charged when there is still 20% power left. The battery should be charged when there is still 20% of the power left.

2、Please make sure to confirm the matching of the forklift charger before charging, the charger that is not matched will seriously affect the service life of the battery or directly damage the battery.

3、Charging should be done in a well-ventilated place, smoking near the battery is strictly prohibited, and any flame or spark is strictly prohibited.

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4、The charger's connecting cable plug must be in place. Forklift batteries to be charged must be the charger cable plug and battery plug in place, if the battery plug is not in place it will have very little contact, which will lead to a large resistance, and too much resistance can easily lead to combustion.

5, can not be placed on battery tools or other metal objects.

6, the battery is not used continuously, must do a monthly equalization charge.

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