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New energy portable on board charger recommended

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New energy portable on board charger recommended

As more and more new energy vehicles are promoted and listed on the market, charging has become a concern for many new energy car owners and prospective car owners, because there is no fixed parking space. So you can't install charging piles? In fact, new energy vehicles can be charged by directly plugging into a 220V household outlet.

When consumers buy a new energy car, some manufacturers will give them a portable charging gun for home use. But now more and more car manufacturers no longer give away the charger with the car. For example, Tesla, BMW, Ideal, BAE, and other car brands do not give away the charger with the car; there are some manufacturers that give away the charger speed is very slow, such as BYD, and Volkswagen give away chargers with car only 8A.

For new energy car owners, it is very necessary to buy a portable on board charger. Among the many new energy on board charger brands, we are a leading brand focusing on new energy car charging equipment, research, and development, production, sales, construction, and operation as one of the new energy car charging equipment solutions providers.

If it is for portable use. Recommend 6.6KW portable charger.

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1 Slow charging

Also known as conventional charging, vehicle charging, that is, the use of portable charging equipment equipped with the car for charging, can use household power or special charging pile power. This is the way we now use passenger cars: car chargers and home wall-mounted charging piles. Charging current is small generally around 16-32A, current can be DC or two-phase AC and three-phase AC, so depending on the battery pack capacity size charging time is 5 to 8 hours.

The disadvantages of conventional charging mode are very obvious, the charging time is long, but its requirements for charging are not high, the charger and installation costs are low; it can make full use of the power low time for charging, reducing charging costs; the more important advantage is that it can charge the battery deeply, improve the battery charging and discharging efficiency and extend the battery life. Because of the long charging time, it can greatly meet the vehicles that operate during the day and rest at night.

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2 Fast charging

That is, fast charging, also known as ground charging, as the name implies, can be a quickly charged charging method, through a non-vehicle charger using high current to directly charge the battery, so that the battery can be charged to about 80% of the power in a short period of time, so also known as emergency charging. Fast charging mode is represented by the Tesla Supercharger. The current and voltage of fast charging mode are generally 150-400A and 200-750V, and the charging power is more than 50kW. this mode is mostly DC power supply mode, and the ground charger has high power and a wide range of output current and voltage.

The charging speed of fast charging is very high, and its charging time is close to the time of fuel injection in internal combustion engines. However, its charging method is to use pulse fast charging. The biggest advantage of pulse fast charging is that the charging time is greatly reduced, and it can increase the proper battery capacity and improve the starting performance. However, the pulse charging current is higher charging equipment installation requirements and costs are very high. And the current voltage of fast charging is high, the impact on the battery in a short period of time is large, easy to make the battery active material off and the battery heat, so the battery protection and heat dissipation requirements have higher requirements, not every model can be fast charging. No matter how perfect the battery is, long-term fast charging will eventually affect the life of the battery.

Fast charging mode is essentially an emergency charging mode, which is designed to charge an electric vehicle for a short period of time. At the overall usage level, it is not recommended to use Quick Charge mode for charging frequently. Moreover, fast charging mode is only supported by some models

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