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"Charging pile" continues to soar, and the amount of future investment trillion!

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"Charging pile" continues to soar, and the amount of future investment trillion!

As an important basis to promote the sustainable development of new energy vehicles, the electric vehicle charging pile is one of the key directions of China's new urban infrastructure construction, China has become one of the world's largest and fastest-growing markets for new energy vehicles and on board charger ownership.

Under the background of low carbon, new energy has become the main direction of global development, with the double harvest of new energy vehicle production and sales in China driven by the increasing demand for charging piles.

Previously, State Grid Hubei Electric Power revealed that it will continue to accelerate the construction of charging and switching networks this year, planning to build 10,000 new DC piles and 10,000 AC piles, achieve 100% full coverage of charging facilities in power supply offices, and achieve full coverage of charging facilities in villages by 2025.

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Trillion charging pile market super player

The current market share of the number of charging piles is the highest On a global average, the average price of public piles in 2030 is 30,000/unit, the average price of private charging piles is 0.4 million/unit, the electricity cost is 0.5 yuan/kWh and the service fee is 0.7 yuan/kWh, so the global charging pile scale is 2030 is 0.81-58 trillion yuan and the charging cost scale is 0.66-13 trillion yuan, totalling about 5-7 trillion yuan.

According to the construction target of a 1:1 car-pile ratio, there will be a shortage of 60 million charging piles in China in the next ten years, and the growth rate of domestic charging piles is expected to reach a peak around 2025, with a total market investment of nearly trillion yuan in the next ten years.

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