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AGV truck - wireless charging solution

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AGV truck - wireless charging solution

Analysis of current AGV charging pain points:


        Status: AGV's current charging methods are divided into two types, offline charging and online charging.


        The pain points of offline charging are as follows:


        There are two methods for offline charging,

        The first method is to replace the AGV battery. The pain point is that replacing the battery takes a long time, and it is troublesome to disassemble. It is necessary to reserve multiple batteries for charging turnover;

        The second method is to use a plug at a fixed charging position and reserve multiple AGVs for the waiting time for charging.


        The pain points of online charging are as follows:

        Online charging generally adopts the brush plate brush block method for contact charging, and the charging contacts are worn out and need to be replaced regularly. There is a safety hazard due to the sizeable charging current and possible sparks during charging. In addition, because the charging contacts are exposed, they cannot usually work in low-temperature condensation, humidity, flammable and explosive environments.

When the wireless charging receiving device in the car is aligned with the wireless charging transmitting device of the charging platform, the wireless charging of the AGV car can be realized;


       Many wireless charging platforms are set up in the factory, and the AGV uses the fragmented time to charge randomly, which can give the AGV power for 24 hours without having to replace the battery and reduce the capacity and cost of the storm.


wireless charging.jpg

       The advantages of wireless charging technology in AGV cars:


       1. There is no danger of sparks when charging


       Unlike contact charging (metal contact charging) used in general charging systems, because we use "inductive charging" (wireless connection), there is no risk of electric shock or sparks; it can be used in low temperature and humidity—flammable and explosive environments.


       2. No need to set a particular charging area


       The wireless charging system does not generate sparks in the charging area, so it is not necessary to set up any particular charging area, increasing the space utilization rate of customers.


       3. Reduce the labour cost of charging

           You can set the charging area anywhere, and the AGV can automatically charge at the parking spot or within the operating room. Moving the AGV specifically to the charging point and replacing the AGV battery is no longer necessary. Therefore, the use of human resources and the loss of machine downtime can be reduced, and production efficiency can be improved.


       4. AGV can run automatically for 24 hours!

           Several charging points can be set up in the factory, and the AGV can make full use of the gap time for charging at any charging point so that the AGV's battery has power for 24 hours; the AGV can ensure that power is available at any time, thereby improving production efficiency.


       5. Reduce battery backup!

      Because the AGV will automatically charge when running through wireless charging. This allows for fewer battery backups and lower operating costs.


       6. Long battery life!

      Due to the particularity of the battery, the traditional charging repeats the rapid charging at a lower depth of discharge, which makes the ageing of the plate faster and shortens the service life of the storm. At the same time, wireless charging can automatically charge at every stopping point with relatively little depth of discharge (battery drain) and extended battery life.


       7. High durability!

     With inductive charging and protection of the charging point by coupling, there is no metal corrosion for better durability and longer life than regular contact charging (metal-to-metal contact).


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