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Home on board charger

Home on boar charger is the best way for people to charge their electric vehicles because charging is done simply by plugging the on board charger into an outlet near the installed or parked car. People can fully charge an electric car after parking it overnight to achieve a range of more than 100 kilometers. Since the battery charges slowly, the required power is only a few kilowatts, and the charging time is five to eight hours. In general, home charging is good for the efficient use of electricity, as EVs are often charged at night or during off-peak hours. Therefore, power companies are willing to impose incentive electricity prices and rebates to attract EV users to charge their EVs during off-peak hours.


The basic requirement for home charging is the availability of a garage or parking lot. For those homes with private garages, an indoor outlet can be installed for charging. For those apartments and multi-story buildings with attached parking lots, outdoor sockets can be installed. The outdoor socket should have a separate protection circuit and be able to operate independently.

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Charging from the grid

The vehicle motor and controller can also be an integral part of the charging system, enabling the vehicle to be charged from the grid. By utilizing the motor inductance and the controller's power electronics, the cost of the on-board charger can be low enough to allow simple plug-in charging from any available outlet. This feature is especially useful for the overnight charging of HEVs and BEVs.


Overnight charging of a personal vehicle using any 110 V outlet can provide a range of up to 50 miles in a typical BEV. Charging from a residential 220 V circuit provides the same amount of energy in 2.5 hours. Electrical infrastructure with 110 V outlets is ubiquitous and relatively convenient.


With a deep understanding of EV batteries, vehicle data and analytics from service nodes and different chemistries are combined to create suitable on board charger that seamlessly integrate with EV battery management systems and vehicle management systems via CAN communication.

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