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Mobile Robotics - Wireless Charging Solutions

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Mobile Robotics - Wireless Charging Solutions

Analysis of current mobile robot charging pain points.


       Current situation: most existing mobile robots use contact charging, usually with the help of laser rangefinders, vision sensors or infrared detectors to dock with charging devices, but the following pain points exist.


       Pain point 1: The robot needs navigation behavior to move from the current position to the charging stand, which is limited by the positioning error, the navigation accuracy is low, and it is not easy to align the charging contact


       Pain point 2: The docking of the robot to the charging stand contact requires high accuracy, which increases the complexity of design and the difficulty of control, while the docking operation is very complex and consumes a long time


       Pain point 3: Frequent docking can easily affect the reliability of the system, such as repeated plugging and unplugging docking operations can cause mechanical wear and tear, resulting in loose contact and ineffective power transmission; if the connecting parts are dirty, it will lead to poor contact or electrical connection failure; if the environment is wet or there is a conductive medium, it is also easy to cause circuit short circuit.


       Solution - Adopt wireless charging technology.


        The advantages of wireless charging technology applied to mobile robots.



       1、No charging metal contacts, no charging sparks, safer charging


       2. No need for precise alignment when charging


       3, the charging base and the product itself are waterproof and dustproof, no need to worry about the charging port into the dust affect the product life


       4、Wireless charging is charging in space, do not worry about metal terminal wear, long service life

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