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Smart Charging for Electric Vehicles

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Smart Charging for Electric Vehicles

Is smart charging a concept?

To handle the extra demand for energy from EV charging, instead of relying on costly and dirty electricity during peak demand periods Many utilities have enacted timing-of-use (TOU) prices for both businesses as well as residential clients. The concept is to charge more in peak times and encourage customers to shift their electrical needs to off-peak hours.

In areas that have areas with high EV penetration, Certain utilities have gone to the next level by providing incentives to customers in order to limit the diversion from EV charging. This strategy is reliable in shifting charging demands to off-peak hours by making drivers a part of the process. This way, EV drivers can choose the time and location they wish to charge and benefit from rebates and incentives for utilities.

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Facility managers can also benefit from smart charging technology. It permits variable power consumption depending on the timing of the day or the number of vehicles that use electricity simultaneously.

Solar power and electric vehicle charging

Even the greenest U.S. energy grid uses some fossil fuels in order to generate electricity, electric car owners looking for a zero-carbon car are looking for solutions to solar panel installations at their homes. In sunny areas, EV owners may be in a position to draw a large amount of energy through the sun.

What's the Future of EV Charging

When more budget-friendly 200-mile electric cars hit the market with a range of 200 miles, their power on one charge will be sufficient to meet most day-to-day or regular requirements. But, the focus could shift towards DC rapid charging, particularly for those who can't charge their home.

As speedy charging speeds increase (some manufacturers are beginning to introduce "ultra" rapid charging) charging an electric vehicle might begin to appear a bit like refilling a gasoline vehicle, however, it's not like the convenience of charging your home, or with your fleet. Wireless charging is also coming into the market and could be a game changer, particularly for a future that is filled with autonomous electric vehicles.


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