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An electric car onboard charger

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An electric car onboard charger

EV onboard charger explained

Electric vehicle charging comes in various shapes and sizes – slow, fast and rapid charging, Type 1 and Type 2 connectors, 3-pin plug charging, smart home charging and public charging – there are numerous ways to power your electric car.

However, there’s one crucial EV component that plays a pivotal role in the functionality of electric vehicle charging – the on board charger (OBC).

But what is an electric car onboard charger?

We’re here to provide all the answers. In this blog, we will explain what an electric car onboard charger is, how onboard chargers for EVs work, and provide maximum onboard charger rates for some of the most popular electric vehicle chargers.

What is an onboard charger for an electric vehicle?

An electric vehicle (EV) onboard charger (OBC) is an essential part of every electric vehicle.

12v battery.png

Since electric car batteries only charge with direct current (DC), and electricity from the grid is always alternating current (AC), an electric car onboard charger’s main responsibility is converting AC into DC so that you can charge your electric car’s battery.

Your electric car’s onboard charger only converts energy when you are plugged into an AC source, such as when you plug in to charge at home or certain lower-rated public charging points. This conversion process doesn’t occur when you plug into a DC charger, such as Rapid or Ultra-Rapid EV charging points, as there’s a pre-existing off-board charger inside the DC charging point that converts AC into DC before the power reaches your car.

But that’s not all; your electric car’s onboard charger also undertakes other operations, such as monitoring the charging rate of your EV.


Important – Make sure you don’t get EV onboard chargers mistaken for an actual electric car charging point that you plug in.

Where is an electric car onboard charger located?

The onboard charger is located within the electric vehicle itself, as shown below, and its primary job is to manage and control the charging process, ensuring safe and efficient conversion and delivery of direct current to the EV battery.

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