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360kW intelligent fast charging pile

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360kW intelligent fast charging pile

360kW intelligent fast charging pile
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EVL
Certification: CE
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Wholesale Price: Negotiable
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360kW intelligent fast charging pile

1 power cabinet plus multiple end charging terminals


Product introduction:

charging equipment of high-power intelligent (1 power cabinet plus multiple end charging terminals) is mainly used in urban fast charging stations and other charging places that require high-power DC fast charging for passenger cars or buses. Different types of power modules can be installed according to user request (the same cabinet can only be equipped with the same specifications module), The number of end charging terminal can be flexibly increased or decreased according to the installation site; Multiple electric vehicles can be quickly charging at the same time. It has dynamic power and intelligent distribution and mainly composed of a module cabinet, power distribution unit, monitoring and communication unit and end charging terminal control unit. 

    Excellent flexible power distribution capability. EVlithium charger distribution unit supports a maximum of 80A input and 4 outputs, each charging connector is allocated as needed, allowing each charging connector to obtain 20KW-160KW power (750V / 213A) free allocation, thus ensuring the rational use of resources to save the charging time. 

②Modular centralized management, saving space and easy expansion. This equipment mainly includes power input, charging module unit, power distribution unit, terminal control unit, heat dissipation components and so on. All units adopt modular management. Among them, the power distribution unit supports up to 4 connectors output, and supports parallel management to easily expand the capacity. By setting different address codes, the charging device supports 6 and 8 connectors output. The overall power is based on customer needs. Expanded to 480KW, even higher levels. 

③ Simple and convenient charging process, easy to get charging information. This equipment has a liquid crystal display to monitor all charging units, supports various charging modes, such as RFID card swiping, QR code, etc. each split charging control unit can also be selected to support display and scan codes, which is convenient for users in multiple directions Perform charging process operations. 

④It has the characteristics of intelligence, network, strong versatility, high efficiency, etc., with multiple protections, battery maintenance in cooperation with BMS; 

⑤ Mainly applicable to bus stations, logistics centers, public charging stations, and dedicated charging  stations.



Product feature:


20kW ~ 160kW multiple power configuration schemes to meet customer's needs;

CMS active protection, charging safety increased by 100 times;

CMS flexible charging, extend the battery life cycle by 30%;

Monitoring status of overall operation, control protection functions to ensure user's charging safety;

Complete charge data management to ensure the integrity and safety of customer charge data;

Customized peak and valley billing function to save charging costs;

Multiple charging start modes, such as Swipe card, APP, WeChat, VIN automatic recognition, Smart and simple operation. With constant power charging module, the efficiency is over 95%;

500V, 750V dual voltage level, customized configuration according to vehicle type, improve charging efficiency;

Management and control via group, improve equipment utilization and reduce repeated investment in stations; It has the advantages of high efficiency, high reliability, ultra-low radiation, fast maintenance, flexible expansion, energy saving and environmental protection.





750V System

1000V System



Install type

Floor installation

Work temperature

-20 ℃-+50 ℃

Relative humidity




Input voltage

AC380V± 15%

Charging type

Flexible charging (1 power cabinet plus multiple end charging terminals)

Total power


Output voltage

300- 1000V

200-   750V

Output currency range

Terminal 0- 200A

Terminal 0- 200A



Power factor

≥0 .99

Start method

PFID card, APP, QR cod e, VIN automatic identification

IP Grade


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