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300W DC Wireless Charger wireless charging station for car

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EVL
Model Number: PWS-300-DC-48N1
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Retail Price:
Wholesale Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details:
Payment Terms: T/T
Nominal Capacity: Nominal Voltage:
Internal Impedence: Operating Votage:
Dimension: Battery Weight:

Product Description

1.300W DC Wireless Charger wireless charging station for car


The PWS-300-DC-48N1 charger is a device that uses the resonant electromagnetic induction principle to achieve non-contact charging and powering of 48V DC electrical devices. The device can be used with lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, capacitive loads, etc.

The charger input uses 220VAC±20%, 50/60Hz power supply, output power up to 300W, output voltage 20-60VDC, nominal output voltage 48VDC, rated charging current 5A.

The transmitter chassis uses LEDs for status indication, providing a clear visual indication of the current charger operating status.

This charger consists of four major parts: transmitter chassis, transmitter coil, receiver chassis and receiver coil.

types of battery charging.png

Note: The schematic diagram only shows the name of each part, the specific "4 installation dimensions and wiring port description" shall prevail.

1    Transmitter chassis

2    Transmitter chassis antenna head

3    Transmitter chassis power cable input

4    Transmitter coil

5    Transmitter chassis and transmitting coil connection cable

6    Transmitter chassis and transmitting coil connection line butt terminal

7    Receiver Coil

8    Receiver Chassis

9    Receiver chassis and receiving coil connection line

10   Receiver chassis and receiving coil connection line docking terminal

11   Receiver chassis antenna head

12   485 communication cable

13   Battery cable, red and black total 2pcs

14   Robotics

2.Parameter Specification:

Technical specifications


Input Voltage


Input Frequency


Output power


Output Voltage

MAX. 60V

Output Current


Output voltage error


Maximum transmission efficiency


Vertical transmission distance


Horizontal degrees of freedom


Charging method

Constant current, constant voltage, trickle current

Waterproof grade


Voltage stabilization accuracy

±0. 1V

Current stabilization accuracy


Voltage Ripple


Operating ambient temperature


Storage ambient temperature


Transmitter chassis weight

5±0. 1KG

Transmitter coil weight

1.6±0. 1KG

Receiver chassis weight

2.5±0. 1KG

Receiver coil weight

0.8±0. 1KG

3.Detailed Images:

laden i robot.jpg

advantages of wireless charging.jpg

charging contacts.jpg

w wireless warehouse.jpg


wireless charging applications.jpg

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