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3KW 48v 50A wireless ev car charger Wireless charging for mobile robots

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EVL
Model Number: PWS-3K-DC-48
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Retail Price:
Wholesale Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details:
Payment Terms: T/T
Nominal Capacity: Nominal Voltage:
Internal Impedence: Operating Votage:
Dimension: Battery Weight: About 24kg

Product Description

1.3KW 48v 50A wireless ev car charger Wireless charging for mobile robots

The traditional charging method of mining cage equipment requires manual operation. Wireless charging technology is waterproof, does not require manual participation, occupies less space for equipment, has a certain fault tolerance, and is completely free from manual participation, which can solve the charging problem relatively perfectly.

In view of the above project requirements, combined with our own technical reserves and in-depth understanding of the wireless charging industry, our company recommends that the project adopts our PWS-3K-DC-48 platform wireless charging solution.

PWS-3K-DC-48 platform wireless charging solution, the maximum output power is 3KW, the maximum output power is 58.4V, and the output current is up to 50A. It is suitable for a nominal 48V lead-acid battery or lithium battery. The whole system consists of a transmitter controller, transmitter coil , receiving coil, receiving controller, communication module, support CAN, 485 communication.

2.Parameter Specification:

Parameter description

Parameter value

Output power


Input voltage


 Input frequency


Output rated voltage


Output rated current

50A Max.

Steady current accuracy


Voltage stabilization accuracy


Coil transmission efficiency


Overall system efficiency

85% Max. (note 1)

Transmitting coil size


Receiving coil size


AC input line length


Length of DC output line


Line length from transmitting coil to controller


Receive coil to controller line length


Charging transmission distance

60-100mm (Two coil gaps)

Horizontal offset degree (left and right direction)


Vertical offset degree (up and down direction)


The coil has a relative tilt angle


System operating frequency


Communication mode

无(Customers only need to be blind

Charging method


Wire waterproof grade

IP65Glue filling

Waterproof grade of the transmitter controller


Waterproof grade of the receiver controller


Weight of transmitting coil

About 8kgContains a 2.5 m extension line

Launch controller weight

About 9kgNo line

Receiving coil weight

About 4.5kgContains a 2.5 m extension line

Receiving controller weight

About 3.5kgNo line

Operating ambient temperature


Storage ambient temperature


Protection function

Over pressure, over current, over temperature, open circuit

Coil installation mode

Side loading (recommended)

3.Detailed Images:

3kw charger.jpg

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wireless charging.jpg

wireless charging types.jpg

advantages of wireless charging.jpg

benefit of wireless charging.jpg

material handling network.jpg


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