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3.3kw vs. 6.6kw on board charger Features and Benefits

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3.3kw vs. 6.6kw on board charger Features and Benefits

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity, charging infrastructure has become an essential aspect of the EV ownership experience. One crucial component in the EV charging ecosystem is the on-board charger. The on-board charger is responsible for converting alternating current (AC) from the charging station into direct current (DC) for the vehicle's battery. In this blog, we'll dive into the features and benefits of two common on-board charger options: the 3.3kW charger and the 6.6kW charger.

3.3kW On-Board Charger

The 3.3kW on-board charger is a standard charging option found in many electric vehicles. It's capable of delivering 3.3 kilowatts of power to the vehicle's battery, making it suitable for daily commuting and regular charging needs. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

a. Cost-Effective: One of the primary advantages of a 3.3kW charger is its affordability. This charger type is often included as standard equipment in many electric vehicles, making it a cost-effective choice for manufacturers and consumers alike.

b. Faster Than a Standard Outlet: Compared to charging your EV using a standard household electrical outlet, a 3.3kW charger is considerably faster, allowing you to recharge your vehicle overnight for daily driving.

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c. Versatile: A 3.3kW charger is suitable for most daily driving needs. It provides a practical solution for urban and suburban EV owners who have access to charging facilities at home or at work.

d. Compact Size: 3.3kW chargers are generally more compact, allowing for easy integration into the vehicle's design without taking up excessive space.

6.6kW On-Board Charger

The 6.6kW on-board charger is a step up from the 3.3kW charger, providing higher charging power and faster charging times. This makes it an excellent choice for EV owners with more demanding charging requirements. Let's explore its features and benefits:

a. Faster Charging: The 6.6kW charger delivers double the charging power of the 3.3kW charger, which results in significantly faster charging times. This is particularly advantageous for long-distance driving or when you need a quick top-up.

b. Enhanced Convenience: With a 6.6kW charger, you can charge your EV more quickly, reducing downtime and allowing for more flexibility in your daily schedule.

c. Suitable for Larger Batteries: If your electric vehicle has a larger battery capacity, a 6.6kW charger can efficiently replenish the battery, ensuring you have a full charge when needed.

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d. Flexibility for Future-Proofing: As the EV industry continues to evolve, a 6.6kW charger may be more future-proof, ensuring your vehicle is compatible with faster-charging infrastructure as it becomes more widely available.


When choosing between a 3.3kW on-board charger and a 6.6kW on board charger for your electric vehicle, the decision depends on your specific needs and usage patterns. The 3.3kW charger is a cost-effective and practical option for most daily driving scenarios, offering a balance between affordability and convenience. On the other hand, the 6.6kW charger is ideal for those who require faster charging times and have larger battery capacities.

Ultimately, the choice between these two charger types will depend on your EV model, your driving habits, and the availability of charging infrastructure in your area. Regardless of your choice, both 3.3kW and 6.6kW chargers represent essential components of the electric vehicle ecosystem, contributing to the transition to a more sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

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