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charging piles to charge new energy vehicles

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charging piles to charge new energy vehicles

Read the new car manual.

  When using a new car, you must read the latest car manual carefully, which contains detailed information about the vehicle, such as specific requirements when charging a new car. Different brands and models of automobiles are somewhat other.

  Correctly grasp the charging time.

  General battery standard charging time is in about 8-10 hours. Car and ordinary batteries have to avoid over-charging or long time charging is not enough, which will shorten the battery life. So when you travel, you should arrange to set in advance to avoid running out of power.

  Master the use of charging piles

  Take the shared charging pile as an example; generally, the charging pile will have a QR code logo. Sweep it to enter the public number or APP page, and then you can use it after registering and logging in. Plug the charging gun on the charging port into the electric car connection port. After it shows that the electric car is successfully connected to the charging port, click the code charging or serial number charging on the cell phone screen. After setting, click stop trusting in the service number, and then unplug the charging cable.

 intelligent fast charging pile.jpg


It is recommended to charge every day.

  Even if the usual driving distance is not much, it is still recommended to charge daily so that the battery is in a shallow cycle, and the battery life will be extended.

  These small details must be paid attention to when charging. Otherwise, the battery will be ruined, and the charging pile and the car will be damaged to some extent.

  Do not pull the charging gun being charged.

  Because the current electric car charging station is still relatively small, so the phenomenon of standing in front of the charging pile is grave. Some car owners, because they are in a hurry, pull out the charging gun that has not been disconnected. This not only damages the car battery but also is not slight damage to the charging pile, so even if you are in a hurry again, please wait until the charging gun stops working before pulling it out.

  Don't charge with connected lines.

  Shared charging pile less, queue charging car more, and part of the community and do not allow the installation of private charging pile, many car owners choose to take a long charging board from their home, with the house with the car charger to charge the car. But such behaviour is hazardous and easy to cause a short circuit caused by spontaneous auto combustion.

new energy vehicle charging station.jpg

  Turn off the car headlights when charging.

  When charging a little, remember to turn off the car headlights because the power of the lights belongs to the electric car battery power, not the car's power battery. So if you forget to turn off the lights, the result is that the power battery is full and still can not go on the road because the battery has no voltage root and can not be ignited.

  Do not turn on the air conditioning while charging.

  The air conditioning while charging is the same as playing with the phone while setting, which can easily affect the battery activity and thus reduce the battery life.

  So don't look at electric car charging as very simple. Setting attention can be a lot, and long-term neglect of the results may be caused by the early retirement of the battery. Electric car batteries are not like electric bicycles. Once a new battery, that is a considerable expenditure.

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