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How to charge an electric car with a charger

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How to charge an electric car with a charger

Electric car charger is an indispensable part of daily life, electric cars have become an important means of transportation for people, and it is essential to control the charging of electric car charger. So how to control the charging of the electric car charger? Here is a look at the electric car charger to control the charging method?

  There are six main ways of electric car chargers, as follows.

  1 Peak voltage control: By detecting the voltage of the battery to determine the end of charging, when the voltage reaches the peak, it will terminate the charging.

  2 TCO control: Stops charging when the battery temperature rises to a certain value.

  3 Time control. This is the simplest way to control the charging of an electric car charger. The charging endpoint is controlled by setting a certain charging time, generally according to the corresponding time required for the nominal capacity of the charged battery. Time control is usually used for standard charging.

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  4 - △V control: this control method is when the battery is fully charged, the battery voltage will reach a peak, and then the voltage will drop. When the voltage drops to a certain value, the charging is terminated.

  5 Temperature control: During the charging process of the electric vehicle charger, the temperature will gradually increase. When the charge is full, the difference between the battery temperature and the surrounding environment temperature will reach the maximum, and then the charge will be terminated.

  6 dT/dt control: The end of charging is judged by detecting the rate of change of the battery temperature relative to the charging time.

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