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Commercial EV charger installation for B&B’s and Campsites in the Peak District

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Commercial EV charger installation for B&B’s and Campsites in the Peak District

Benefits of installing an EV Charging Point at a B&B or Campsite

There are many reasons why installing a charger in your hospitality business can help give it an extra boost. Electric vehicles are no longer the future, they’re here and taking a look around you can see that they are having a huge impact on our communities both at a residential and a commercial level. These are just a few examples of how they can help you:

Having an electric vehicle charging point can be the reason a customer chooses your business over your nearest rival. As more people own electric vehicles, stopping somewhere with charge is a must.

It’s not only your customers that will benefit, you and your staff will also soon be driving electric vehicles if you’re not already doing so and having a point to charge while working is an additional employee benefit.

Corporate Social Responsibility. Installation means you will be helping the environment by enabling the use of electric vehicles. More and more, customers expect businesses to do their bit and will value those that are actively making a difference.

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However, what makes this even more important to us is that we see the huge benefits that dedicated charging points have on the owners of businesses and domestic electric car owners across the region.

Charging Your Electric Vehicle at Home at Ease

One of the main benefits of installing an electric vehicle home charging point is the ease it brings into your life in a way that you may have not considered previously.

The first change is the opportunity to have a smart charger. Smart chargers do everything they can to make your charging life easier. From turning your charger on at the times when it is most efficient to charge, to providing you with all the data you need on usage. This piece of kit is a real game-changer in the electric vehicle charging world.

A few of the features include:

Use with differentcharger styles

Timing for the greatest efficiency of power

Multiple app usage

Data available at all times

Ensuring your home and the grid are not overloading with multiple charging strains

These all put the power in your hands, being equipped with more information allows you to charge your vehicle via your electric vehicle home charging point with ease.

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Mind Over Matter

While smart chargers give you the features you need to make your life easier via technology – electric charging also makes your life simpler and frees up time when it comes to refuelling. Gone are the days where you need to make a trip to fill up or you run the risk of running out of fuel on a journey.

With an electric car, you will be constantly refuelling your car, a small charge at a time. Whether this is at home, at work, in a public car park or at a visitor attraction. Little charges more often is what owning an electric vehicle and keep it charged successfully is about.

Think about it – why waste valuable time and money on a standard refuelling when your car will do this for you as you get on with your day to day life.

We’ve covered this in more detail in our Charging Electric Vehicles post.

When you are charging your electric vehicle at home you have two choices of charging to choose from:

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