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Having your electric vehicle residential charger installed

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Having your electric vehicle residential charger installed

Electric and electric/hybrid vehicles need over two kilowatts of power. Domestic charging equipment must meet that requirement if it is to be effective, plus it must do so in a safe manner.

You should be able to be confident that it can operate for hours at a time on a daily basis and safely for you, your car, and your electrical installation.

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In fact, its safe, efficient operation begins with you.
That is why you must have your home electrical system professionally assessed. Only a qualified electrician can help you determine whether your home installation is suitable for a charging terminal. If it is, it is imperative that you have a professional install it.
The installation procedure may vary in some aspects from one country to another; however, it generally goes something like this.

What is the first step in installing a charger?

The first step is to determine whether your existing home installation has the power capacity for a charging station.
Contact your local EV dealer or power utility. They should be able to advise you to ask your EV certified installer who will check, for example, if your charging installation is compliant with electric standards.
There will be questions about what kind of dwelling you live in – single-family house, apartment, condominium, etc. And, of course, questions about your electrical system – how old it is, whether it complies with building codes and standards, etc.

Who assesses your installation?

Short answer: A professional electrician. Only a professional can conduct an adequate risk- and power-assessment of your home.
You may find an approved installer yourself, or better yet, ask your EV dealer to recommend one. The installer will then visit you to conduct the assessment.
If your first step was to contact a utility, then the utility will send you a team to survey your home.
In either case, electricians will use the questionnaire you completed as a starting point.
The electricians assessing your home may find that you need a dedicated circuit for charging, a new consumer unit, or that your electrical system needs some other upgrades.
They will recommend a type of charger: Wall or pedestal-mounted.

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Who installs the charger?

Whether you need any of the upgrades we discussed above or whether your home is charger-ready, only a professional, approved electrician should do the installation job.
And always make sure that he or she has been specially trained in installing charging stations in residences.
Taking these steps will help you feel secure that you have a charging terminal that not only meet your needs and is in full compliance with standards. And most importantly, is safe for you and your family to use when charging you electric vehicle.

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