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Best EV charger knowledge

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Best EV charger knowledge

It is more convenient for us to use the new charger lithium battery now. And do you understand the use of lithium battery chargers? Let's take a look at the characteristics of your lithium battery chargers.

As far as the 18650 battery is concerned, there are mainly two risks: first, the explosion and fire of the battery will cause personal and property damage. Second, the improper use of the battery will cause damage to the battery itself, which is the property loss of the purchaser. The second risk is Secondary, mainly the first. How do we prevent the first risk? As far as flashlights are concerned, the most important thing is to use a charger that meets the characteristics of lithium batteries.

The vast majority of 18650 lithium-ion batteries require the charging voltage to be controlled below 4.20V, and individual specifications will be slightly higher. It is known that some models are 4.35V. This is the charging limit voltage of lithium-ion batteries. The minimum discharge voltage is generally not lower than 2.75, and individual models may not be lower than 2.50v. Of course, although some lithium batteries are also called lithium batteries, they are either non-rechargeable lithium batteries, such as CR123A batteries, which were used in cameras in the past. Some are lithium iron phosphate batteries. Although they can be charged, their discharge charge cut-off voltage is different from that of lithium-ion batteries. Please distinguish this point. Not all lithium batteries are the same. And with the development of technology, lithium batteries produced by new technologies may also appear. The nominal voltage of the 18650 lithium-ion battery is 3.7 or 3.6V; this is because the voltage averages of different batteries are different. Some are higher, some are lower, so the difference is a little bit, but these are all lithium-ion batteries.

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At present, a 3.6/3.7V lithium-ion battery is the main battery of the flashlight, and its price is low. Due to the popularity of notebook computers, this kind of battery has also been popularized. Although other types of lithium batteries are helpful, under the influence of cost and other factors, the market retention is not significant. In addition, the 26650 lithium-ion battery is only different in shape from the 18650 lithium battery. The diameter is 26mm, which is 8mm larger than the 18mm of the 18650 battery. Because the electrical parameters are the same, as long as a 26650 size charger can be placed, the 26650 battery can be used. The slide-type charger in the picture below is better at solving the difference in size between 18650 and 26650 batteries, so it is more common.

A suitable charger must be selected according to the characteristics of the 18650 lithium-ion battery. Specifically, it must have the following functions:

Overshoot protection: To control the full cut-off voltage of lithium batteries, IC is generally used to precisely control the output voltage of the charger, which can be accurate to 1% of the set value at present.

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Overload protection: that is, short circuit protection. The overload protection is mainly to protect the short circuit of the positive and negative poles of the charger output due to unexpected reasons when the battery is put in by the user. Without this protection, the charger may burn out due to excessive output load.

Reverse connection protection: that is, when the user mistakenly reverses the polarity of the battery into the charger, the charger will cut off the output by itself. Because once the battery is switched, the positive and negative electrodes are changed, the battery will be discharged quickly and finally removed.

The above three protections are the most basic. In addition, the charger is working. For example, the load capacity of the switching power supply from AC to DC, the control IC, and the human-computer interface (indicator light, LCD screen). Of course, the better the material used, the more reliable it will be. If the material is thin, it will overheat, and the entire machine will be broken if individual components are damaged.

Lithium battery chargers are widely used in electric vehicles, children's toys, etc. The primary function is to supply power. For electric cars, people habitually take away the batteries. Because the main component of the tram is the battery, it takes six or seven hundred to replace a high-quality battery, so we should pay attention to its use in the process.

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