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The role of chargers in electric vehicles

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The role of chargers in electric vehicles

The electrical base components of electric vehicles are motor, battery, controller, charger, DC converter, and management system (BSM). These major components determine the performance and development of electric vehicles. Today, we are going to talk about the role of the charger in electric vehicles.

  The charger is used to charge the battery, which we all know. But how to charge to make the battery full and not damage the battery? What to do to effectively protect the battery and extend its life of the battery? This is a problem that can not be ignored.

  Electric cars are now mostly used in lithium iron phosphate batteries. The price of lithium batteries is quite high. The price of a set of batteries in about 100,000 yuan. If the battery is replaced in advance, that is a big loss, directly affecting sales and reputation. This requires a good performance charger for the battery service. If there is no good charger, the battery will not be charged, it will not run far, the battery will be replaced in advance, the battery will be hot and burning, etc., so the electric vehicle industry will also lag behind.

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  Battery maintenance and maintenance is not a part of the charger to complete but also needs a battery management system to manage. Effective management, timely detection of battery problems, and problem-solving. Now many businesses are pursuing fast charging or caution. After all, the battery price is not high. The best maintenance of the battery is "shallow charge shallow discharge."

  Charging process, nickel-cadmium batteries in the nickel hydroxide reduction to nickel hydroxide, and cadmium hydroxide reduction to cadmium. The air bubbles generated in this process will gather on both sides of the pole plate, which will reduce the effective area of the pole plate and increase its internal resistance of the pole plate. As the effective area of the pole plate becomes smaller, the time required to charge the full charge increases.

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