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Electric car charger maintenance

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Electric car charger maintenance

Do you meet some of these problems from time to time: "the charger does not charge, the charger charging time is short on full", and other problems. The first thing we should do is to make sure the charger is properly charged and prevent the location from being dry so that the electric car charger can be used for a longer time. So how do we maintain the electric car charger in daily life?

  ① AC power socket must match the AC power plug of the charger.

  ② AC voltage should be more stable. The change should not exceed 220V ± 10 ﹪ range.

  ③ Charging operation procedure: a. Open the power lock switch of the vehicle b. The charging plug is connected to the body charging socket c. The power plug is connected to the main socket.

  ④ After the charger is connected to the power supply. The power indicator light is on when the wiring is correct, the 1-30A charging current indicator light is on the constant one-way charge, and the two-way constant charge indicator light is on. The charging time is more than 10 hours in the state of power loss is good.

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  ⑤ The charging process changes as follows: the first stage of constant current 25A charging for about 6 hours; the second stage of continuous voltage charging for about 3 hours; finally, enter the float charging stage. At this time, the float charging light will be on. The charging current indicator light is only 1-2. The fan stops rotating. Package together with the light to enter the float charging stage indicates that the battery power has been sufficient.

  ⑥ When the battery is fully charged, or there is any need to shut down, you must first disconnect the power at the input of the appliance and then disconnect the charger from the battery.

  For electric car charger daily use, please pay attention to the above issues. For electric car chargers, our company provides you with high-quality electric car chargers, lithium battery chargers, etc., so that your electric car full amount of electricity, so that the electric car used for a longer time.

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