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EV charger features

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EV charger features

1. The charger has manual, automatic, and short connection three-state control, making operation more flexible.

a) Automatic state ---- charger can automatically switch the working state according to the working condition of an internal combustion engine and automatically complete the whole process of battery access (fast connection state) and disconnection charging without increasing the work intensity of staff.

b) Manual state ---- can force the charger to work in a charging state regardless of whether the generator is started or not. This function facilitates the maintenance and repair of the battery during the upkeep of the locomotive without using additional charging equipment. The charging and maintenance of the battery can be completed through the 110V external power supply line used for maintenance and repair.

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c) Short connection status ---- isolates the charger and restores the locomotive's original wiring when the charger fails or is not required to work, ensuring the locomotive's normal working condition no matter what happens to the charger

2. with its LED voltage and current display, easy to monitor the working status of the charger

3. compact size, easy to install.

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