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How to use ev charger to charge car?

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How to use ev charger to charge car?

Battery charger times are progressing. Technology is developing. Nowadays, in the 21st century, it can be said that the heat of electronic products has reached a peak, and now people almost hand a smartphone, not to mention some other mini electric fans, electronic watches, toy sports cars, and so on. Since it is an electronic product, it is inevitable to charge. Now, the phone is almost directly with USB can be trusted, but to be frank, it is to charge the battery.

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  Now the vast majority of batteries are lithium batteries. Some people say that because the number of charges and discharge is limited, so the phone battery should be used up as much electricity as possible before charging. However, this statement is obviously wrong!

  Under normal circumstances, you should be reserved in accordance with the principle of charging the battery after the remaining power is used up, but definitely not until the power is turned off and then charged, because in the charging process of lithium batteries, its voltage will become higher and higher when fully charged its voltage is the highest, and by the same token the lowest power when its voltage is also the lowest, so we can conclude that both electricity and charging should be left with some gap since Do not let it fill up nor let it run out so that it is the most conducive to the work of the battery.

  After reading, I was taught because my phone is a daily charge, and in the process of charging, I never only pay attention to whether it is used to spend, and not pay attention to the full situation in our life should pay attention to its characteristics. This will allow the battery charger to be used for a longer period of time.

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