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What are the reasons why electric car batteries fail to recharge?

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What are the reasons why electric car batteries fail to recharge?

The electric car can not be charged. We first consider the problem of electric car chargers. If the charger is confirmed, no problem. It may be the battery damage and other issues.

  1、The end of battery life.

  2, the battery is dry and lacks water.

  3, the battery connection line and the poor contact with the pole or the battery box fuse and capacitor seat poor contact.

  Four 、. The electric car charger has no output voltage, the output voltage is too low, or the output voltage contains AC components, etc.

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  5, the charging circuit connection line or plug at poor contact or disconnected.

  First, check the charging circuit. No disconnection or poor contact is found. Then, check the charging parameters of the charger. The initial charging current can reach 1.6-5A each, with the highest charging voltage of 14.7-14.8V each, indicating that the charger is charging well.

  Then remove the battery box and remove the cover to observe, I found that the battery connection is reliable and the surface is also relatively clean. Finally, remove the cover and safety valve of every single battery, respectively, and find that the battery is in a dry state, indicating that the dry electrolyte is the cause of the battery not charging or undercharging.

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