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Must-know tips for driving an electric car in winter.

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Must-know tips for driving an electric car in winter.

Most cars are not able to withstand winter. This is no secret. Cold weather can impact us all, regardless of whether we drive an electric, petrol, or diesel car.

Although electric vehicles perform better in winter than gasoline-powered cars, there are many factors that can impact their performance, such as cold temperatures and icy roads, snow, and even the weather.

This winter's cold has resulted in a decrease in range (less range for an electric vehicle on a full charge)

Try not to panic. These are some tips to help you maintain your electric car in winter. Our focus is on maximizing range.

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Why is the electric vehicle's range decreasing in winter?

It all comes down to lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Why? Why? Because, much like a cell phone, temperature drops can affect the chemistry of the batteries, decreasing its efficiency. The decrease in efficiency is correlated with the reduction in EV range.

The Tesla Model 3's official range is 374 miles. Its range, however, was decreased by 24.8 percent when it was tested in winter. The total distance traveled was 281 miles.

A heat pump can be a good option if you have range anxiety. It will help you maintain your electric car's range in the winter months. There are cheaper options to increase your EV range such as keeping your car lightweight and using regenerative brakes.

Don't worry too much. Norway has the highest electric vehicle penetration, and it experiences severe winters. There is no reason to be concerned about driving an electric car in the UK during winter.

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1. Use the ECO MODE setting

The Eco mode feature reduces the power output for electric and hybrid vehicles, and it is especially useful in winter months. This will allow you to keep your speed low and improve your battery life. It also saves you money.

Although each EV has a different Eco-mode function, they all help reduce power consumption and increase range. They also decrease the energy supply to the drive motor and other energy-intensive functions like the cabin heater.

The Eco mode makes it safer to drive your car in winter. The vehicle's power is reduced, so it accelerates slower, which reduces the likelihood of wheels spinning on snowy roads.

2. As much as possible, use indoor parking facilities

To ensure that your EV doesn't get too cold, park it in a garage or enclosed space.

A colder battery won't perform as well or charge as fast as one that is warmer. If you live in very cold conditions, it will be a good idea to park your car in a garage. You can park your car in direct sunlight during daylight if you are unable to. You'll receive a warmer cabin and battery if you return to your car later.

3. Check your tire pressure

As interior temperatures drop, tire pressure decreases. This results in lower rolling resistance and lower mileage. It's a good idea to inspect your tires every month. This is especially important when the outside temperature changes from season to season. This will help you preserve your EV range.

You can also invest in winter tires. EVs can slip, even though they have four-wheel drive. Here's where winter tires come in. Your electric car will have more grip on snow and other ice if there are more grooves.

4. Prerequisites

You may be asking yourself, "How do you heat an electric vehicle in winter?"

Preprocessing is the solution.

Pre-conditioning, a unique feature for EVs, allows you to heat and save energy when your EV is plugged into. It is based on a predetermined start time that is set by your car's control/charging settings.

Your car will stay at the right temperature if you don't use any battery capacity. This is easy to do in your garage. You can make the most of your power at home, work, and around town. Modern EVs can be heated by using an app or key fob.

Preconditioning your EV means that you won't need to heat it up with battery power. This will make your vehicle more efficient and increase your mileage. You won't have to worry about your car freezing cold on cold mornings.

You may not be able to plug in your EV or preconditions in some instances. It is important to verify your range before you travel and to ensure you have enough cushion.

Many EVs have a pre-programmed heating system that you can program to turn on when the battery is charging. This will allow you to start your journey. Preconditioning warms up the battery to ensure optimal performance. It also keeps the car warm so it doesn't heat up suddenly while you drive. It is a great way of maintaining range.

5. Heating your car smartly

A car heater can be very inefficient in using your car's electricity. We recommend that you pre-condition your electric vehicle before you travel.

If you have heated seats or a steering wheel, you should turn off the main heater. You can also use a heated windshield to defrost if it has a heat source.

These handy accessories will keep you warm and conserve space during winter.

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6. Be conservative

Avoid sudden accelerations and sudden braking and don't drive faster than the speed limit. These factors will affect your EV's range, but it is also a good idea to follow when driving in adverse weather conditions.

Reduce energy consumption in winter by driving more conservatively and limiting your cabin energy use. This will increase range and efficiency all year, but it is more important during winter. You should drive at moderate speeds and limit rapid accelerations and decelerations.

It is important to invest in an EV charger for your smart home so that your car can run at its best during the winter months. You can schedule charges for when electricity is less expensive. The best part is that you can manage expenses from your home using the app. A smart charger for your EV will make it easy to prep your car and plug it in every morning, without draining your battery or range.

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