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Do hotels and homestays need to invest in charging piles?

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Do hotels and homestays need to invest in charging piles?

As a B&B or hotel manager You should be constantly trying to find ways to improve your business. With the increasing popularity of electronic vehicles having charging facilities for electric vehicles will bring numerous advantages to your business. These will be covered on this site.

1.) Attract the attention of visitors

Offering charging stations for electric vehicles at your hotel or B&B can give you a significant advantage over competitors.

When you've got charging capabilities the occupancy of your establishment could increase. The owners of electric vehicles are more likely to select the B&B/Hotel (if it is equipped with charging facilities) over competitors that do not have charging facilities. So the charging facilities available could be an aspect for a guest staying at your hotel.

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2.) Future-oriented business

It's just a matter of time before guests are expecting electric vehicle charging options in the hospitality and homestay sector. Offering EV charging right now will help you stay one step ahead of the curve and will help you to secure your business.

Electric vehicle chargers charge electric vehicles

3.) Earn money for your company

Giving guests complimentary electric car charging is an excellent opportunity to draw in tourists and the cost of charging can easily be included in the price of the room.

But, you can charge people and guests to make use of your electric charging station. Some of the smart EV charging stations on the market offers the option of making money from the charging station. Therefore, if you choose to charge your guests or guests to use your electric charging station your investment will begin to pay for itself and you could earn profits in the future.

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4.) Place yourself on the map

Zap-Map is an app and website that lists the most popular public EV charging points across the UK. If you choose to make charging facilities accessible to people in general, you can connect charging facilities to the map. By being listed on the Zap-Map your business will be visible on the map when users seek nearby charging stations. The increased visibility could increase your revenues and also increase your company's visibility and occupancy.

 public EV charging points.jpg

5) Attract tourists and locals

Possessing EV charging facilities in your B&B/hotel will also draw guests who have not booked. In the above example, if your EV charging location is listed on Zap-Map, visitors from the area may stop by your B&B/Hotel for the charging points. If your hotel or B&B has an eatery or bar and locals are using your facility may increase your daily routine by stopping in to have a drink or snack while they wait.

If your resort or B&B is situated in a rural location providing charging facilities will increase the overall charge access within your region. Therefore, a greater charging facility could draw EV-driving travelers to your area who may otherwise not be able to visit because of the lack of charging facilities.

6) Enhance the image of the brand

In putting in electric vehicle charging stations and displaying your customers that you are taking green initiatives and setting sustainable goals. In demonstrating that you're decreasing the carbon footprint of your business and acting environmentally, your image will be improved, increasing the competitiveness of your business. In addition, by highlighting environmental credentials you're more likely to gain more environmentally conscious customers, which will broaden your customer base.

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