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Electric car charger - electric car charger good or bad to identify

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Electric car charger - electric car charger good or bad to identify

Electric car charger in our life is relatively standard. However, in the process of using, naturally, will encounter some problems, such as the use of electric car charger, electric car charger excellent or wrong way to identify the method of the method, you know? Here is a look at the electric car charger, its charger good and bad identification methods.

  1. Visual inspection method

  Look, capacitor: the more prominent feature is that the capacitor contains a sure solution. In the overload working environment, the capacitor will heat up and self-destruct to diarrhea body and mind can not bear the pressure. Some of the poorer quality capacitors will self-destruct to the corpse that can not be found. Resistor: after heating and overload, it will change color or smoke. Of course, the resistor will also self-destruct, blowing off or part of its fly away.

  2. Voltage method

  Learning to measure voltage is one of the basic skills of maintenance. With electricity on the road, measurement is more dangerous behavior. When necessary, we still need to do so. This behavior is not only our own safety issue, and the possibility of accidental damage to the charger due to the operation is substantial. If the charger appears to be poorly measured, we do not get frustrated and sad. The best mechanics, there will be mistakes, even if the master can not avoid them. We just remember to measure the voltage has a clear purpose, do not blindly with electricity around the amount. This is a big taboo.

  3. Resistance method

  Using a digital multimeter, the suspected part of the circuit for measurement, we generally use the diode file for measurement, which is a short circuit of 2 pens. The multimeter will call the file, measuring resistance before we will do some necessary discharge behavior. In the case of confirming no plug utility, we one by one with tweezers to short some capacitors, capacitor-discharge will emit sparks and sound do not be afraid, and then carry out our in-circuit Then we will measure the resistance value in the circuit.

  4. Contrast method

  The so-called comparison method is to find an identical or similar charger; we use it as a template to compare many aspects to eliminate and narrow the scope of the fault, which includes: the resistance method, voltage method, and replacement method!

  5. Substitution method

  Substitution is to replace some devices. Replacement devices may be new or removed from a charger that works properly. Why do you want to replace it? This method generally we repair into a relative bottleneck, we will produce such ideas, replacement is more suitable for specific devices such as capacitors, integrated blocks and other devices that may be soft damage, for other hard devices, we do not have to consider to replace it.

  The charger is still the original good, so in the process of use, we have to protect the electric car charger so that the electric car charger can be used for a longer period of time. Need custom electric car chargers and so on? Welcome to the Isai Electronics. Our electronic products use advanced switching power supply technology, small size, lightweight, high efficiency, energy-saving, and other characteristics. The charger all uses an aluminum alloy shell, beautiful and generous design, stable quality, durable, full intelligent control, easy to use, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

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