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China Electric Vehicle Council of 100 Forum (2023) opens today in Beijing.

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China Electric Vehicle Council of 100 Forum (2023) opens today in Beijing.

Organized by the China Electric Vehicle on board charger Council of 100 and co-organized by Tsinghua University, China Society of Automotive Engineering, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Automotive Technology Research Center, and China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, the China Electric Vehicle Council of 100 Forum (2023) opened today in Beijing.

This three-day Forum, with the theme of "Promoting the Modernization of China's Automotive Industry", features two plenary sessions, nine special open forums and four closed-door sessions. During the same period, the Forum will hold a variety of new car show, industry chain, and core components show, as well as several heavyweight research report release and other interactive activities close to the industry practice to promote cross-border exchanges, to bring diverse and immersive conference experience for the participants.

The Forum invited representatives from relevant government departments and industry organizations, and leading enterprises in the fields of automobile, energy, transportation, city and communication to discuss the development situation of the global automobile industry, the path of high-quality development of new energy vehicles, the development strategy of China's smart networked cars, the development trend of core industry chains supply chain such as power battery, the movement of the new generation of automobile consumption change, the development strategy of automobile and energy synergy, the new transportation energy. The conference will feature in-depth discussions on some topics, including the new transportation energy security system, the transformation direction of commercial vehicles, the innovation path of the automotive aftermarket, and the digitalization and intelligent manufacturing model of automobiles. 

As an annual industry event in the field of new energy vehicles, this year's China Electric Vehicle charger Council of 100 Forum has about 200 high-level guests from various areas of government, industry, academia and research attending and speaking, and the number of on-site attendees is expected to exceed 3,500. The China Electric Vehicle Council of 100 Forum has been successfully held for eight consecutive sessions. Over the past eight years, with a correct theme setting, high-profile guest line-up and high-quality seminar atmosphere, the influence of the Forum has been expanding. It has become an industry event of common concern for cross-border industries such as automobile, energy, communication and transportation.

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2 Plenary Sessions

High-level industry perspective, international perspective, win-win cooperation

The high-level Forum and the international Forum are the two "soul" forums that lead the previous China Electric Vehicle Council of 100 Forum, attracting great attention and enthusiastic participation from the industry with their high-level topic setting and heavyweight guests every year. 2023, how will the two forums open? What important information about the future will they bring?

On the morning of April 1, with the theme of "Accelerating the transformation of electrification and promoting the integration of transportation and energy", the international Forum will mainly discuss the new situation and pattern of global automotive energy development, new trends and progress of global new energy vehicle and energy integration; new opportunities and new modes of cooperation between global energy and automotive industries; new technologies and solutions for industrial synergy; and new technologies and solutions for promoting green energy. New technologies and solutions; strategies to promote green energy supply systems and green industry chain ecological construction; medium and long-term paths and policy systems to accelerate the development of energy and automobile integration.

In the afternoon of April 1, following the theme of this year's Forum, "Promoting the Modernization of China's Automobile Industry", the high-level Forum will focus on the path and policy system for the high-quality development of new energy vehicles charger; the top-level design of China's intelligent automobile industry development; the path and solutions for the synergy between automobiles, energy, transportation and cities; and the strategies and major practices of advanced enterprises. From the national policy level to the strategic methods of industry enterprises, we will comprehensively explain and discuss how better to promote the modernization of China's automotive industry.

Four high-end closed-door meetings

Leading in-depth discussions and solving industry problems

The Forum of 100 People (2023) will adopt a new mode of holding both open forums and closed-door meetings to upgrade four high-profile closed-door meetings, inviting relevant government departments, enterprise decision-makers, experts and scholars to pool their wisdom on current industry development hotspots and difficult issues, and providing academic support for policymakers and enterprise decision makers to study the industry situation, grasp policy trends and crack industry development problems in a high-quality closed-door seminar atmosphere. To provide academic support.

On the morning of March 31, two closed-door sessions will be held in parallel on the Forum's first day. The workshop on the management system and governance system of the auto industry for the new situation will discuss the regulatory design of intelligent networked vehicles, the procedures and policies related to access to auto manufacturers and products, investment access and capacity management, the policy of opening up China's auto industry to the outside world, and the establishment of a policy system for the transformation from purchase management to use management.


With the theme of "Accelerating the Zero Emission Transition of Commercial Vehicles in China and the U.S.", the China-U.S. Transportation Carbon Neutral High-end Roundtable will invite representatives from the government and enterprises in the field of commercial vehicles in China and the U.S. to discuss the latest progress of the zero-emission transition of commercial vehicles in China and the U.S.; the direction of the growth of commercial vehicles in China and the U.S. and the major challenges faced in the process of evolution; the technological path and innovation mode of commercial vehicle development; the future of commercial vehicles in China and the U.S. 

On the afternoon of March 31, a closed-door seminar on the development situation and policies of China's automobile industry and the Council of 100 will be held. Focusing on the theme of promoting the modernization of China's auto industry, the Council of 100 members and representatives of relevant government departments will analyze the development trend of the industry in 2023 and discuss behind closed doors the policy formulation and path solutions for promoting the high-quality development of China's auto industry.

In the afternoon of April 2, a closed-door roundtable on global electric vehicle charger development and policies will be held, in which international organizations and representatives will be invited to discuss the latest procedures and industry trends of new energy vehicles in major countries around the world; challenges and countermeasures of changes in the global automotive supply chain; the development path and synergy system of the green low-carbon supply chain; the direction of China's automotive industry into the global market and supply chain system; and the cooperation opportunities of the global new energy vehicle industry. Opportunities.

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