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Thailand is desperately short of charging pads, with an EV-to-charging pad ratio of about 20:1

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Thailand is desperately short of charging pads, with an EV-to-charging pad ratio of about 20:1

The year 2022 is the first year of Thailand's leap forward in electric vehicles. With more than 12,000 electric vehicles sold in 2022, Thailand's demand for charging piles (EVCP) is also increasing as the number of electric cars in Thailand surges.

Numerous charging post companies are also targeting the Thai market intending to catch up with the rapid development of Thailand's EV market.

The number of charging stations and charging piles in Thailand must be improved. According to the Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand, as of the end of December 2022, Thailand has only 3,739 public charging posts, of which 2,404 are for slow charging (AC) and 1,342 are for fast charging (DC). Among the fast chargers, there are 1,079 with DC CSS2 interface and 263 with DC CHAdeMO interface. Of course, only the charging pile outlets are open to the public, and some unopened ones are not included. For example, SAIC MG has also built charging piles, but only MG electric car customers can use them now.

In Thailand, fast and full CHAdeMO and CCS2 are two charging interface standards; the former is the Japanese standard, and the latter is the European standard. At present, there are mainly five international standards for charging piles, namely Chinese national standard GB/T, CCS1 American standard (combo/Type 1), CCS2 European standard (combo/Type 2), CHAdeMO Japanese standard, and Tesla is still a maverick with its own independent set of charging interface standards. The charging piles in Thailand are currently mainly of Japanese and European standards.


As you can see, more than half of the current charging piles in Thailand are slow chargers, which greatly reduces the charging efficiency of electric vehicles. Science, slow chargers usually have a charging capacity of 3 to 7 kW, and it usually takes more than 6 hours to charge an electric car fully. Fast chargers can be as high as 50 kW or more, and a full charge for an electric vehicle usually takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Of course, this has something to do with the living habits of Thai people, except for the urban area of Bangkok, which is mainly high-rise buildings, other provinces in Bangkok are large rural feeling, people especially live in villas, rarely live in a high-rise, Thai people go home in their estates can charge their electric vehicles, which also leads to relatively low demand for fast Thai people. However, installing many fast-charging facilities in superstores, office buildings, high rises, and highway service stations is still a great need.

So to what extent is there a shortage of charging posts in Thailand? Currently, there are more than 2,500 charging piles throughout Thailand, and the ratio of EVs to charging banks is about 20:1, which means 20 EVs share one charging fortune on average. According to the growth rate of electric vehicles in Thailand, the ratio will soon reach 30:1, compared with China, where the balance is about 3:1. Although the number of charging piles in China has increased greatly with the rapid construction in the past few years, there is still a problem of uneven regional distribution and a small proportion of shared charging piles. The number of charging banks in the Yangtze River Delta is relatively large, but there still needs to be more charging piles in the central and western regions.

Thailand has this problem too. Most of the charging piles are mainly concentrated in the capital city of Bangkok. Here is a map of the distribution of charging stations in Thailand, and it is obvious that the charging stations are mainly concentrated in Bangkok.

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