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Common faults and solutions of electric forklift chargers

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Common faults and solutions of electric forklift chargers

A forklift charger is a charger that is specifically designed to charge electric vehicles. Most chargers can be used for electric transporters, electric lift trucks, electric pallet trucks, stacker trucks, electric forklifts, golf carts, electric coaches and motor vehicles, tankers, starting batteries on small and medium-sized generator sets, etc.

What are the common faults in forklift chargers briefly introduced today?

(1) The charging indicator light does not light up and the power indicator light does not light up

Solution: Check whether the input power plug of the forklift charger is well connected with the utility, try to insert the input plug of the forklift charger into the normal power outlet, if the situation is the same, open the shell of the charger, check whether the fuse in the machine is bad, if not, check whether the power input line is good, after excluding the fault of the power input line, check whether the components near the high-voltage area on the circuit board have false welding, whether the fuse holder has Poor contact phenomenon, and check the transformer T1, three tubes V1, V1, V2, etc. have a false solder phenomenon. In addition, R5 or R6 open circuit will also cause the above failure ... If the fuse in the fuse is broken, must not replace the large amperage fuse (charger fuse is usually 2A), focus on checking D1-D4, V1, V2, R4, R7 and D15 and D21 for damage... Please note that when the above components are damaged, they may be damaged once or two at the same time, sometimes several at the same time.

(2) The charger is hot, and accompanied by a strange noise

Solution: The main reason for this failure has the output level of vibration elimination capacitor r31, c17 damage caused by the C12 open circuit and false solder will also appear in this phenomenon.

(3) abnormal ringing when charging, but also charging into the power

Maintenance method: check whether C8 on the circuit board is deficient or damaged, generally replacing C8 can solve this fault.

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Daily maintenance of forklift charger

1. Wipe with a dry cloth or anti-static cloth to keep the charger clean.

2. Do not use chemicals or use cleaning agents to avoid damaging the house

3. The charger must be protected from strong shocks or exposure to high temperatures and humidity

4. Instructions on the charger

5. The charger is strictly prohibited to disassemble and decompose without permission

6. The charger should be placed vertically and in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid moisture and flammable and explosive materials.

7. In the case of a full battery, first disconnect the input AC power, then disconnect the charger from the battery

8. In unmanned or long-term conditions must be disconnected from the AC power supply

9. Do not cover the charger during charging and the ambient temperature should not exceed 40°C

10. This charger is for indoor use only, beware of rain

11. Prohibit charging of non-rechargeable batteries

12. The interval between two starts is not less than 10 seconds (cut off the input power)

Precautions for the use of forklift charger

1. The polarity of the battery should not be reversed, otherwise, it will damage the smart charger and the battery. The smart charger should be installed in a special place with good ventilation, dry, no serious dust, no corrosive gas, and no strong electromagnetic field interference. The shell should be reliably grounded (there is a grounding bolt in the lower part of the box).

2. Smart charger is suitable for indoor and outdoor, non-vehicle use, with no water inside the machine...

3. Intelligent charger input power for two-phase 380V ± 5%, 50HZ, input wire cross-section of not less than 62...

4. The outgoing line should be near and far, choose the appropriate cable, and the total line voltage drop is not more than 5%...

5. Smart charger for the ambient temperature of -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C, less than 1000 meters above sea level, the machine should be used more than 0.6 meters from the surrounding walls, affecting its ventilation and heat dissipation, and regularly check the fan.

6. When charging, plug in the battery, turn on the power... Charging is complete, cut off the power, and unplug the battery...

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