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Automotive On-Board Charger Market

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Automotive On-Board Charger Market

In new energy vehicles, in addition to the MCU (drive motor controller), there are three essential high-voltage system components: OBC (on-board charger), DCDC (DC converter), and PDU (high-voltage distribution box), also known as "small three electricity". As a core component of the electric control system, the on-board charger is gaining more and more attention from enterprises in the new energy vehicle industry chain, and the domestic market has entered a rapid development stage.

The development and design of vehicle charger products began with the national "863" plan, but it was not until 2012 when China's new energy vehicle industry planning was introduced, as well as the active promotion of new energy industry policies and the rapid development of electric vehicle technology, that domestic enterprises began to industrialize the production of vehicle charger products. In the initial stage of the development of new energy vehicles in China, because large-scale market demand has not yet formed, foreign vehicle charger manufacturers have not actively entered the field of new energy vehicles vehicle charger, but rather some domestic vehicle power supply manufacturers through the domestic new energy vehicle OEM supporting the development of vehicle charger products, in technology and production process has shown some innovative ability, and with China's new energy With the rapid development of China's new energy vehicle industry, the industrialized production of vehicle chargers has been realized, and a manufacturing center for vehicle charger products has been built.

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Foreign vehicle power supply and charger manufacturers have not shown obvious competitive advantages due to their late entry into the domestic market while facing the customization and rapid upgrading requirements of the domestic market, but because foreign component companies have deeper cooperation with domestic car companies in other components, they can quickly enter the supply system of mainstream car companies, and the technology is relatively mature. Comprehensive view, foreign brands in the high-end models support more, and domestic brands in the low-end models support more.

Enterprises, domestic and foreign enterprises involved in the car charger business for electrical and electronic enterprises, including the main foreign enterprises are Koshida, United Electronics, Bosch, Emerson, Valeo, and others enterprises. Domestic enterprises located at the forefront of vehicle chargers include Xinrui Technology, Wimax, Tiesheng Technology, Future Technology, Tonghe Technology, Nanjing Zhonggang Power, etc.

From the trend point of view, the new energy vehicle's small three electric miniaturizations, integration, and high power density is the direction of market demand, the small three electric become more conducive to the scale of the product of the enterprise, will win in the next round of competition.

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