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Smart charging solution for AGV unmanned forklift

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Smart charging solution for AGV unmanned forklift

With the continuous improvement and maturity of automation and technology, AGV forklifts are widely used in the e-commerce warehousing and manufacturing industry because of their efficient material handling, precise positioning and intelligent avoidance. However, as highly automated and intelligent handling equipment, AGV needs electricity as its power source, and without the supply of electricity, it also cannot work. So, in practical application, how are the common charging methods of AGV forklift charger classified and distinguished?

All the energy consumption of AGV forklift charger during operation is provided by the on-board battery pack. When running, the voltage of the battery pack will gradually decrease and the electric energy stored in the battery gradually decreases, therefore, it needs to be replenished during the cycle operation.

Currently, there are three charging methods for AGVs and four types of battery mainstream.

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1、Automatic charging at the charging station

For working in one shift, usually, after 8-10 hours of AGV work, go to the charging station to charge, 4-6 hours after full. Then go to the AGV preparation area and wait, the power can usually work for 10-12 hours;

2、Manual battery change

For the needs of two to three shifts of continuous work, after one shift of AGV work, go to the charging station to replace the battery with manual assistance. This process takes about 3 minutes and can then go to work. This method requires one use and one backup, two sets of batteries for one AGV; this method is equipped with a special battery replacement vehicle, which is convenient for manual replacement.

3、Online automatic charging

Some AGV manufacturers use this way, AGV in the running line, works for 8 minutes, with 1 and a half minutes to charge at a point on the line, so as to form a high-frequency cycle charging. On the loop where the AGV travels, the AGV is charged quickly at a point set directly on the loop after each loop or specified working time, for example, if it is set to work for 15 minutes, it is charged quickly for 2 minutes, and the charge/discharge ratio is 1:8; this is used to meet the needs of uninterrupted work of the AGV.

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Charging battery types are lead-acid batteries, nickel-chromium batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and lithium iron phosphate batteries four, involving pollution, foreign imports of AGV are no nickel-chromium batteries; but online fast charging is also one of the attributes of nickel-chromium, while lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries are relatively expensive, so some domestic AGV manufacturers will choose; lead-acid batteries are common non-polluting batteries; by adding water needs to be in the charging station Set the exhaust device, the charging process of harmful gases effectively discharged, for the domestic AGV manufacturers at present the primary choice.

Usually, the charging method selection and battery selection are a complete set of charging solutions; the first two charging methods are traditional and stable charging methods, and the last one is still in the development stage, the technology is not yet mature.

According to the user's needs, a charging solution is proposed to help the customer choose the charging method, battery, charging current and voltage, battery capacity, set up charging points on the site where the AGV is running, or mechanical replacement battery station; according to the weight of the material carried by the customer, several shifts, the working time of each shift and the unloading rate, etc. The calculation, from the practical point of view, to solve the customer's charging solution.

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