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Frequent charging of electric forklifts is strictly prohibited

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Frequent charging of electric forklifts is strictly prohibited

When it comes to electric forklift charging, it is a link that needs our attention in particular. As you have learned before, it is neither recommended to charge an electric forklift frequently nor to choose to charge after the power is exhausted, but to grasp the correct charging time and try to control the power to about 25%. Why frequent charging is not recommended.

In fact, frequent charging of electric forklifts is more like a compulsive behaviour of OCD patients, just like some people want to fill up immediately when the power of their cell phone is not 20% used up and lose the sense of security when the power consumption has no effect, in fact, these are completely necessary, and frequent charging of electric forklift is very influential to the battery, and the bad degree is even no less than the way of charging after the power is completely exhausted.

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At present, most electric forklifts adopt a lead-acid battery, which is a kind of battery whose electrode is mainly made of lead and its oxide, and whose electrolyte is a sulfuric acid solution. In the discharged state of a lead-acid battery, the main component of the positive electrode is lead dioxide, and the main component of the negative electrode is lead; in the charged state, the main component of both positive and negative electrodes is lead sulfate, and this kind of battery generally has a charging limit, and the charging times of the battery are about 400 to 500 times.

If we charge the electric forklift charger too frequently, the charging times of the lead-acid battery will be consumed prematurely. When the charging times are exhausted, the battery will be scrapped naturally. With the gradual rise of the current temperature, such behaviour of frequent charging is even more undesirable. I hope every friend can bear in mind and pay attention to it.

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