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Best Electric car chargers share the best tips to prevent battery self-discharge

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Best Electric car chargers share the best tips to prevent battery self-discharge

People who ride electric often have such a feeling, half a month after New Year back home, back to find full electric car electricity, but found no electricity. And for the battery self-discharge, do you have any good solution?

  In response to the self-discharge situation, professional electric car battery production technicians show that self-discharge is a common condition of electric car batteries, which is not the shortcomings of the goods themselves; each battery every day will self-discharge one or two per cent of the power.

  1, the elements of their own planning

  Whether it is a lead-acid battery or lithium battery will have more or less self-discharge. This is one of the characteristics of the goods is the storage process in the electrolyte of positive and negative ions will be caused by some changes. For this point, the user need not worry too much.

  2, The battery itself has a problem or external factors.

  People who understand the electric car battery understand that when the battery side of the wire and some external bodies constitute a bridge, it is easy to have a relatively strong discharge phenomenon or perhaps accidentally put the wire, copper wire, etc. on the battery to form a positive and negative connection will also include the discharge condition.

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  3, the impure electrolyte elements

  Each electric car battery manufacturer, in the production process of the battery, they are using a lead-acid electrolyte solution. The concentration and purity of the electrolyte used between each other are very different.

  How to help prevent self-discharge of the battery?

  1, Good maintenance

  Users should pay attention to the usual maintenance of the battery and check its cleanliness and integrity when the power is found to be less than half of the time to charge.

  2, the purchase of goods with a good reputation

  Consumers should purchase those on the market with a good reputation, good quality, and commodity influence of the battery goods.

  3, Usual use to do lightly, take lightly.

  The usual installation or transfer of the battery should be gently placed to prevent the battery wire and external touch, but also to prevent the external metal connection to the positive and negative poles.

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