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Is it possible to charge an electric car in the rain?

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Is it possible to charge an electric car in the rain?

Living within the UK means we are subject to lots of rain. There's a lot more.

If you've recently bought an electric car that's brand new you may be asking whether it's safe to charge an electric vehicle in rain.

But don't worry, we're here to clear the air.

Electric car charging during rain

Can you safely charge your electric vehicle when it rains?

When you talk about hydroelectric power systems in the same conversation it's easy to start worrying about the potential dangers they pose. It's natural to think about the possibility that rain could have a negative effect on EV charging. The fear of being electrocuted or damaging your EV, or the charger itself is some of the most common scenarios that come immediately to your mind.

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When it comes to charging your electric vehicle when it rains, you won't need to be concerned. The charging of an EV even in rain can be completely safe when you have correctly installed, manufactured and certified EV charging devices including designated home chargers and free charging points in public places. So, no matter what the weather you are able to recharge your electric car.

In actual fact the authentic EV chargers are made to withstand a variety of conditions. Made from waterproof materials and equipped with high IP rating so you can be sure that your charger for EV is durable and safe.

What is the definition of an IP rating?

Without going into too much detail Ingress ratings for protection (IP rating) in this instance is the extent to which an EV charger is shielded from outside elements like dirt particles as well as water. When it comes to what the word "rating" means you must take note of the numbers.


The initial number of the IP rating is for the solids (dust particles and dirt) and can range from 1 to 6 and 6, with 6 being the highest. The second number refers to fluids (including rain) on a scale of 1-8 with the highest being 8.

It is important to know that the IP rating for class 2 chargers (fast chargers that are rated at 7.4kW) includes IP54 as well as IP55. A class 8 rating is usually given to items that can be submerged in water for a long period of time while charging at home is not required for EVs. In the end, so long as you're using a charger classified as IP54 or IP55 you'll be safe knowing that your device is water-resistant.

Furthermore for the security of electric vehicles, only after chargers are securely connected to an electric car's charging port will electrical energy be charged, and there's no reason to be concerned about electric shocks if charging in the rain.

It's true that the ability to recharge your electric vehicle during rainy weather and it's totally secure to do it. You might, however, be a little wet!

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