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A way to charge an electric car without off-street parking

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A way to charge an electric car without off-street parking

1. Put your money into the ChargeArm

The biggest obstacle to EV charging is the fact that homeowners with no the luxury of off-street parking cannot install a home charging station on their property. but this is no longer the situation when you use the ChargeArm!

The ChargeArm is an innovative alternative for charging electric vehicles "on the road". The ChargeArm is designed in the Netherlands. ChargeArm permits electric vehicle drivers to charge overhead, rather than blocking walkways with cables and wires.

The ChargeArm is mounted at the entrance of your home. It is able to be floor or wall mounted. When the arm is extended, and hanging at an impressive height of charging, you will be able to charge your electric vehicle without disrupting pedestrians or creating an injury risk. Just unplug the charging connector to the smartphone, then pull the charging arm downwards and then plug it into the electric vehicle.

So, say goodbye to messy charging with three pins, and long lines at charging stations with the ChargeArm! The ChargeArm is a product that promises secure clean and tidy charging.


2. Public piles of charges

Find the map to find the nearest charging station and charge your batteries!

If you're savvy regarding charging, you can also find charging stations in public places that offer free charging! To locate free public charging points, simply use the filter feature on the Zap-Map app or on the website.

It is important to remember that public charging is among the most unpopular charging options for electric vehicles. It's possible that you'll need to leave the home and wait for hours before the battery is fully charged. This could be quite a hassle particularly when you do not really have to leave your home. Therefore, one of the best tips is to schedule an appointment for charging when you are required to leave your home (for instance, if you're planning to shop or visit the movie) as you will be able to charge while away, instead of having to sit around waiting.

But the good side of charging in public EV charging is that this system is expanding each day. According to reports, there are now more than 31,000 maps of chargers in the UK alone, which means there is always an electric charger in the vicinity if you require it!


3. Working from home while charging

Charging your electric vehicle at work is an excellent option to cut down on the cost of charging and time! If your employer provides the option of free EV charging, you'll be able to go to work and charge your EV and thus substantially reduce your commute costs (especially when compared to internal combustion engines given the increasing cost of gas!). In addition, you'll have nothing to worry about since If you're employed 7.5 hours per day, you'll charge your electric vehicle. This is quite convenient. Your working day could be enough to charge certain electric vehicles, such as Nissan Leaf! Nissan Leaf! It's also not necessary to recharge with public charging stations at the end of your journey home.

The presence of EV chargers at work will also bring advantages to the company which includes greater employee satisfaction and retention as well as improved green credibility.

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