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Lithium battery charger/Lifepo4 battery charger

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Lithium battery charger/Lifepo4 battery charger

Lithium battery charger is used more in our life, and in the process of use, our first choice should pay attention to the process of its use, then for lithium battery charger you should have an understanding of the following look at the lithium battery charger.

  Please note that the first charge: be sure to deplete the battery power, and then continue charging for about 2-5 hours until the indicator light turns green. In this way, you can make this lithium battery to play the maximum performance; later, when you run out of battery power, you only need to charge 1-3 hours to fill the battery (the top LED shows green). Lithium batteries must be used with a protective circuit, do not be impacted, squeezed, etc. may cause a short circuit inside the battery Therefore, in use must pay attention to the following points.

3.3KW On Board LiFePO4 Battery Charger.jpg

  1. Do not use inferior chargers, we to come with a special charger.

  2. This power charger is a special lithium battery charger, do not use for charging other types of batteries.

  3. Be careful not to subject the battery to strong extrusion and collision in the process of use.

  4. Before charging, lithium batteries do not need special discharge, improper discharge, but will damage the battery.

  Choose a special lithium battery charger is conducive to the safety of our living environment. Lithium batteries are used more in life now, precisely because lithium batteries have the advantages of small size and light weight. The charger all use aluminum alloy shell, beautiful and generous design, stable quality, durable, fully intelligent control, easy to use, energy saving and environmental protection.

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