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Electric New Energy Vehicle Charger

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Electric New Energy Vehicle Charger

What is a pure electric vehicle?

  An electric motor drives a vehicle that stores electrical energy only through a battery. Pure electric cars have a larger battery capacity and generally charge quickly or slowly. Some miniature pure electric cars cannot be fast-charged due to their small batteries and can only be slow-charged.

  Advantages of pure electric vehicles.

  1) Fast start, smooth and quiet driving, comfortable driving.

  (2) No environmental pollution, noise impact, or emissions in use.

  3) Meager cost of use and cheap maintenance.

  4)The mechanical power structure of the electric motor is simple, and the failure rate is low. There is no engine, shift gearbox, and other complex parts.

  5)It is easy to realize intelligent and automatic driving.

  6) The purchase of unlimited license plates is free of purchase tax.

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  Disadvantages of pure electric vehicles.

  1)Lack of range, inconvenient for long-distance driving.

  2) Compared with refueling, the charging speed is too slow.

  3) Few charging facilities still need to be popularized.

  (4) Battery performance is not stable enough. There are more problems: low-temperature range reduction, high temperature easy, spontaneous combustion, life is easy to decay, etc.

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  Prospects of pure electric vehicles.

  1)Electric energy has the advantages of sustainable production, easy use, ease of transport, environmental protection, low cost, etc., and will remain the most dominant energy source in the foreseeable future.

  (2) In addition to the advantages of simple structure and low cost of maintenance and use, pure electric vehicles are also easy to realize intelligent and automatic driving, which is the main development direction of automobiles.

  (3) The world's major countries have announced the timetable for stopping the sale of fuel cars, and major car companies have also released their electrification transition plans.

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