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Fast EV charger

For people's convenience, fast chargers exist on large and small streets; the use of fast chargers is convenient for people to travel so that people do not have to worry about a specific electric car advertising "no electricity can still fly." However, the use of fast chargers is not unanimously well-received. Today's lithium battery charger shares why fast chargers should be used sparingly.

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  In the city, many electric car repair departments, and next to the newspaper and magazine kiosk, there will be electric car fast-charging stations. Every day to charge the electric car is also a lot. Of course, many people are for the convenience, saving, fast.

  The electric car fast-charging station can indeed solve the "urgent need" of the electric car halfway broken down, the general electric car charger output voltage is 36-48 volts, and the principle of fast charging is to turn up the current fast charging, if long-term use, there is certain damage to the battery, will shorten the battery life.

  The business sector also said that the fast charger is still new, there are no relevant quality standards, the lack of management, the public's electric car in the fast charging once the problem, the legal responsibility will not be identified, the rights and interests are also difficult to protect. Each kind of electric car has the charging time specified by the manufacturer and should try to follow the product manual. Fast charging can only be used for emergencies, and usually, it is better to charge normally.

  So fast chargers are better used sparingly, for the emerging lithium battery charger, not only to save energy is now also more popular and more lightweight.

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