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Electric Vehicle On Board Charger

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Electric Vehicle On Board Charger

An electric vehicle on board charger is a device that is designed to provide charging services for electric vehicles. Since electric vehicles do not require refuelling like traditional fuel cars, they need to be charged regularly to keep the vehicle running properly. Therefore, the use of chargers is very important to EV owners.

There are various types and sizes of on board chargers, the most common of which are home chargers and public chargers. Home chargers are usually installed in a household's home grid, and the charging power is usually between 3kW, 8kW, and 16kW. In contrast, public chargers are more powerful and can reach 20kW, 40kW or even higher. In addition to these conventional chargers, there are special chargers such as fast charging stations and AC fast charging stations that can quickly fill the battery.

When using on board charger, you need to pay attention to the following aspects. The charger should be installed in accordance with the relevant standards. If the charger is not installed properly or not grounded, it may lead to circuit failure and safety accidents. When charging, you need to pay attention to the charging status of the battery. Under normal circumstances, the lower the battery's charge, the faster the charging speed. However, if the battery is already fully charged, you need to stop charging in time, otherwise, it may affect the battery life and safety. Different models of electric vehicles may have different charging compatibility, and you need to choose the appropriate charger for charging.

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The advantages of on board chargers are very obvious. First of all, it can help electric car owners to charge anywhere and anytime without worrying about the problem of low power. Electric car chargers reduce environmental pollution and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Since the cost of charging an electric car is lower compared to a fuel car, it can reduce the cost of use for the owner.

However, the disadvantages of electric vehicle chargers cannot be ignored. Charging equipment is relatively expensive and requires a certain amount of installation, commissioning and maintenance. When parking and charging at public charging stations, there may be a queuing situation because the charging pile is occupied. Fast charging has a certain impact on the life of the battery, and too frequent fast charging may reduce the life of the battery.

In conclusion, EV chargers are indispensable equipment for EV use, and their use can bring many conveniences and advantages to EV owners. However, in order to ensure safety and benefits, please pay attention to the above-mentioned precautions when using the charger.

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