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How to maintain proper distance between charging piles

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How to maintain proper distance between charging piles

The location of the car charging station should be chosen to keep a proper distance because the distance of electric cars driving after one charge is limited. The distance between two charging piles should guarantee the spread of vehicles driving after one appointment.

In some special road sections, a certain number of charging piles should also be added to ensure the convenience of electric car charging.

The construction of a charging station is different from a gas station, there is no specific requirement for site selection, as long as there is enough open space to meet the construction requirements, so the main thing to consider in the section of the construction place is the distance problem.

Second is the specification of the charging system. The layout of charging facilities should pay attention to safety and convenience to meet vehicle charging needs and ensure safety in the charging process.

The car charging station uses non-vehicle chargers, and selecting these charging devices should comply with the relevant electrical system design specifications. The output voltage of the charger and the car charging voltage should match, and the voltage of different vehicles is different, so it should be able to meet different needs.

It is recommended to choose the charging pile with the maximum charging power under the permitted circumstances to improve the charging efficiency.

Third, the construction of the charging station should ensure safety. The structure of charging stations should also take complete account of safety. Setting equipment and systems should be safe. The security of charging stations is paramount. Once danger occurs, it is related to the protection of charging vehicles and owners and has a significant impact on the safety of the surrounding people and buildings.

Regarding the setting of the charging station monitoring system, the large car charging station should have a comprehensive monitoring system, which can ensure the safety of the charging process on the one hand, and grasp the charging environment and charging data on time, in addition to the timely detection of abnormalities in the charging equipment.

The overall monitoring system should cover all the places of the charging station to realize the collection and real-time display of relevant data; the monitoring of the charging system should ensure that the data of the charging equipment can be understood in time to ensure that the charging situation is under control.

Fourth, combine new technologies to establish their characteristics and enhance brand recognition.

It provides customizable high-quality power supply solutions for high-power AC and DC loads with high reliability and high power quality requirements.

We provide DC grid-connected interfaces for large-capacity electric vehicle charging stations, reducing voltage conversion links, equipment investment and operating losses.

They are providing grid-connected interfaces for DC or AC microgrids to improve the operational reliability of microgrid systems and meet the needs of harmonic control, reactive power compensation and energy back feeding.

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Dynamic bus-based charging power allocation can define automatic power module allocation rules and energy matrix.

We have a dynamic and orderly charging control mode, which can humanize power boosting, reduce waiting time and improve utilization.

We realize two-way interaction and exchange between electric vehicle energy and grid in a calm state in combination with vehicle networking, i.e. V2G technology.

In the future, each distribution network will be able to accept distributed energy and diversified loads, realizing multi-point interconnection of distribution networks, energy "supply and demand integration", and "two-way flow".

Fifth, to establish their charging station exclusive features.

Universal, modular, reproducible, replicable, scalable, low-cost, and innovative.

Clean environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency, modular configuration, and technology leadership.

Practice the development concept of green travel and low-carbon energy use.

Build a multi-species, three-dimensional, networked, "ubiquitous" electric vehicle charging network, covering as many public parking lots as possible.

Build a first-class green intelligent charging network with a high starting point, standard, and high quality, which is "green and low-carbon, intelligent and efficient, friendly and convenient, strong and reliable".

It will be the flagship of a large city charging network demonstration, an intelligent city charging system benchmark, a high-quality and universal charging and power supply service model, and a clean and efficient energy consumption brand.

Our ultimate goal is to build the charging station into a clean, beautiful, leisure and entertainment public space full of humanization!

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