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New Energy Vehicle Charging Basics

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New Energy Vehicle Charging Basics

In the basic charging process, we know that the battery has a fixed positive and negative. Charging requires DC power, but the grid transmission is AC, so what to do? Quickly use the charger ~ humming and hawing.

  The role of the charger is to convert AC power from the grid to DC power for battery charging and adjust the output voltage or current. Look at your phone or computer charger, which is a small charger.

  Slow charging process

  Available new energy vehicles have onboard chargers, limited by the size and cost, and onboard chargers are relatively small. They have a slow charging speed, so this process is called slow charging.

  During the slow charging process, the slow charging pile provides the car with AC power, also called AC slow charging pile.

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  Fast charging process

  If the charger is placed inside the charging pile, it is not limited by size and cost, and if multiple charger modules are used in a stack, the charging speed will be fast, so this process is called fast charging.

  The fast charging process is called DC fast charging pile because the fast charging pile provides DC power to the car.

  Not all new energy vehicles are capable of fast and slow charging. Large batteries support fast charging, while small batteries can only be charged slowly. Generally speaking, hybrid models can only be charged slowly, while pure electric models can be charged both, but of course, there are exceptions.

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  Charging speed

  Charging power is generally used to indicate the speed of charging. The greater the power charging rate, the faster the power calculation formula is as follows: charging power (P) = voltage (U) × current (I)

  For example, when fast charging: voltage = 350V, current = 200A, the charging power is: 350 × 200 = 70000W = 70KW (kW)

  70KW means you can charge 70 degrees per hour. According to the power can calculate how much the car charged, the formula is as follows: charging volume (W) = power (P) × charging time (t)

  For example: home slow charging pile power is fixed 7KW (kW), charging time = 8 hours, then the charging volume is: 7 × 8 = 56KWh (kWh) = 56 degrees

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