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The Tesla Charging Guide You Need to Know

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The Tesla Charging Guide You Need to Know

Tesla Supercharger is a worldwide network of fast charging stations that dates back to 2012. It has more than 35,000 points all over the globe. Superchargers, which are unsurprisingly the fastest way to charge your Tesla with the V3 Supercharger, can be charged up to 120kW, 150kW, or in rare cases 250kW.

how? It allows you to charge your Tesla Superchargers at higher kilowatts using direct current (DC).

You can find Tesla Superchargers at highway service stations. The Tesla Supercharger's distinctive red-white color scheme and U-shaped hole will make it easy to spot from a mile.

Superchargers can be used to charge your Tesla while on long trips, or for quick full charges. To prevent the premature degradation of your electric vehicle battery, it is best to not use the supercharger for a continuous charge.

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Public Tesla Charging – Tesla Destination Charging

A Tesla Destination charger is another way to charge your Tesla publically. This Tesla charging method charges at 22kW, 11kW, or 7kW and is slower than a Supercharger.

Tesla Destination chargers can be found in areas like restaurants and parking lots. They can be found in areas where people spend the night, such as hotels, B&Bs, and resorts, but they have slower charging speeds.

This is why it is better to use your Destination device for a quick charge or to top up when you are out and about.

Public charger for third-party parties

Tesla owners have the advantage of using the Tesla charging network as well as third-party public chargers. If you need to top up and don't have a Tesla charging station nearby, you can charge at any other charging point. Tesla EVs have a Type 2 connector so you can use any public charger.

Tesla drivers have more options than they need.

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How to charge your Tesla from home

Invest in an EV charger for your home

The Tesla Wall Connector is joining the Tesla charging line-up. This charger is their brand of a home EV charger. This charger is perfect for those who like to use brands. This charger can deliver 11kW of power and charge your Tesla at maximum speed (as long you have three-phase power in the home).

The Tesla Wall Connector is not the only option for home EV charging. The unit is bulkier than other home EV charging units on the market despite its thin design. The Tesla Wall has the essentials, such as being able to charge your vehicle, but the Tesla Home Charger lacks smart features.

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