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The importance of charging station construction

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The importance of charging station construction

Driven by the overall environment, the construction of charging stations is in the stage of rapid expansion. Still, due to the unreasonable design scheme of charging stations, there is an embarrassing situation of high investment and low efficiency of charging stations.

The construction of car charging stations has standard specifications and is not arbitrary. In the process of construction, it is not only necessary to unify technical standards, but also to meet specific specification requirements in the design.


Car charging stations are part of the public infrastructure. They must be able to meet the changing needs of electric vehicles, so they must meet certain specifications to have universal applicability. Specifically, car charging station specifications include the following aspects.


First the specification of the general plan setting. The car charging station should include the primary buildings, lanes, charging areas, temporary parking locations, etc. The overall layout should be reasonable and standardized to ensure that each functional area is complete and divided.


At the same time, when doing the overall layout design, it should be convenient for traffic so that the charging vehicles can stop and charge to maintain a particular order, especially the vehicle entrance and exit places can pass smoothly, in addition to the actual situation of the construction should be done to save the land.


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The location of the car charging station should be selected to maintain a proper distance because the distance between two charging piles should be able to ensure the length of the car after one charge is limited.


In some special road sections, a certain number of charging piles should also be added to ensure the convenience of electric car charging.


The construction of a charging station is different from the gas station, there is no specific requirement for site selection, as long as there is enough open space to meet the construction requirements, so the main thing to consider in the section of the construction place is the distance problem.


Second is the specification of the charging system. The layout of charging facilities should pay attention to safety and convenience to meet vehicle charging needs and ensure safety in the charging process.


Car charging stations use non-vehicle chargers, and selecting these charging devices should comply with the relevant electrical system design specifications. The output voltage of the charger and the car charging voltage should match, and the voltage of different vehicles is different, so it should be able to meet different needs.


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It is recommended to choose the charging pile with the maximum charging power under the permitted circumstances to improve the charging efficiency.


Third, the construction of the charging station should ensure safety. The structure of charging stations should also take complete account of security. Setting equipment and systems should be safe. The safety of charging stations is paramount, and once danger occurs, it is not only related to the protection of charging vehicles and owners but also has a significant impact on the safety of the surrounding people and buildings.

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