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CALB brings New energy full scene products and solutions at EES Europe 2024

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CALB brings New energy full scene products and solutions at EES Europe 2024

Recently, the world's top new energy industry event EES Europe 2024 was held in Munich, Germany. CALB brought new energy products and solutions represented by large-scale power, industrial and commercial and household energy storage to the exhibition. 

EES Europe 2024

This time, the focus was on showing the 314Ah high-specific energy, long-life energy storage cell and supporting solutions that were first defined and launched. 

EES Europe 2024

Among them, in order to further meet the market demand for long-life cells and the launch of the second generation of ultra-long cycle energy storage cells, in the exhibition received great attention. For large-scale industrial and commercial and power storage fields, CALB showcased 373kWh liquid cooled outdoor cabinet products and standard 20-foot 5MWh liquid cooled containers developed for overseas markets. Industrial and commercial energy storage system solutions adopt a single cabinet into the cabinet solution, the whole machine service life of up to 15 years; The system charge and discharge efficiency is 95%, up to 1P charge and discharge, and supports high performance application scenarios such as peak frequency regulation, harmonic control, and partial wind and scenery storage. The 5MWh liquid cooled container adopts industry-leading component design to achieve higher available power consumption and energy efficiency, and reduce initial configuration costs; Multiple environmental adaptability and complex operating condition reliability verification improve system availability, meet and exceed stringent standards such as UL, IEC, NFPA, and meet the requirements of different customers in multiple application scenarios. For the user's household electricity peak cutting and valley filling solutions, Zhongchuang Xinhang focused on displaying 5KWh low-voltage stacking products, 2.7KWh high-voltage integrated machine and other household storage system products

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