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CATL TIANXING opens a new era of new energy commercial vehicle development

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CATL TIANXING opens a new era of new energy commercial vehicle development

On July 4, 2024, CATL officially launched its commercial vehicle battery brand - "CATL TIANXING", and released two products - "CATL TIANXING Light Commercial Vehicle (L)-Super Charging Edition" and "CATL TIANXING Light Commercial Vehicle (L)-Long Range Edition", which can achieve 4C supercharging capability and 500km of real-world range.

"CATL TIANXING" takes its name from the famous line in the Book of Changes - "The heavens move on, the gentleman should strive for perfection without rest," in honor of commercial vehicle users and upstream and downstream partners.

Gao Huan, CTO of Domestic commercial Vehicle Division, CATL

"Four Super Technologies" safeguard the development of new energy commercial vehicles

The problems of slow charging, high overall cost, and short transportation distance are the main pain points in the development of new energy commercial vehicles. CATL focuses on the essence of innovation and applies its four superior advantages in safety, super-fast charging, long life, and long range to the field of new energy commercial vehicles, creating the "CATL TIANXING" brand to fully meet the needs of commercial vehicle users for long life, high efficiency, and high returns.

Safety is the red line for commercial vehicle operation, and it is also CATL's bottom line for product safety. CATL has a very high market share in the field of new energy commercial vehicles and has an extreme pursuit of product safety. The products released this time apply the industry-leading heat-free diffusion technology and use aviation-grade thermal insulation materials to ensure the high-level safety of the battery from the source.

In terms of fast charging, CATL has a deep technical accumulation and has undergone multiple iterations. Its super-fast charging technology has been popularized in multiple product systems. The release of "CATL TIANXING" will also allow commercial vehicle users to experience super-fast charging speeds, save charging time, and achieve efficient operations.

By adopting a new low-lithium consumption graphite anode material and applying the biomimetic self-repair SEI passivation film technology, "CATL TIANXING" achieves 4C super-fast charging while also increasing cycle life by 100%, significantly improving the reliability of the battery throughout its lifecycle, so that commercial vehicle users have no worries.

"CATL TIANXING" battery uses CTP3.0 no-module extreme packaging technology, which optimizes the topology structure to greatly improve the packaging efficiency. It also achieves dual-layer large-area liquid cooling to significantly improve the energy density and heat management efficiency, thereby significantly improving the range performance and reducing the battery self-weight.

4C super-fast charging + 500KM long range, global leadership


CATL first launched two globally leading mass-production power batteries in the logistics field: CATL TIANXING L-super-fast charging version and CATL TIANXING L-long-range version.

The CATL TIANXING L-Super Charging version boasts 4C super-charging capabilities and an 8-year 800,000-km warranty, with a 140-degree large battery capacity. In actual operating conditions, the vehicle's range can reach 350km, far exceeding the industry average.

With a super-fast charging speed of 60% SOC in just 12 minutes, the CATL TIANXING L-Super Charging version is able to adapt to more flexible freight needs, allowing for immediate charging and immediate departure, greatly reducing the vehicle's charging time and increasing the vehicle's freight frequency and operational efficiency.

The CATL TIANXING L-Long Range version, on the other hand, boasts a 500km super-long range and an 8-year 800,000-km warranty, with a 200-degree super-large battery capacity, making driving with cargo more relaxed; whether traveling from Beijing to Hohhot or from Kunming to Guiyang, no mid-trip charging is needed, making it easy to handle inter-city long-distance cargo scenarios.

The energy density of the CATL TIANXING L-Long Range version is the highest in the light commercial vehicle industry at 200Wh/kg, with the vehicle's overall weight reduced by up to 300kg, creating more effective load capacity to help users carry more, run more, and earn more.

Regardless of which product is chosen, the 8-year 800,000-km lifetime warranty can effectively reduce the overall cost of vehicle use and achieve higher resale value, helping commercial vehicle users to calculate their economic accounts wisely.

Release is mass production, full scene coverage

In addition, "CATL TIANXING" will quickly launch more products to meet the needs of more commercial vehicle sub-markets and drive the entire industry's electric transformation process.  Currently, the commercial vehicle industry is in a golden period of development.  "CATL TIANXING" will strive to create value for the commercial vehicle industry through technological innovation, according to Dr. Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL.  "The value breakthrough in the commercial market is to focus on the needs of commercial vehicle users and effectively demonstrate the three values of 'providing a solid foundation, doing the math right, and laying out the right strategy' in R&D.  We will use an open innovation system to drive comprehensive leap-style value enhancement through technological breakthroughs," Dr. Wu said. CATL is not only the most reliable and loyal partner of frontline workers, but also a firm supporter of their self-improvement journey.

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